My Introduction Post: THE STORY BEHIND THE YES COLOURS PROJECT! (Original Blog) D•1

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Yes Colours BAckground Design.jpg

Hello Steemians and Friends!

This is my first Post for @YesColours since I joined in June 2018...
And I feel so Honoured to be here!

Steemit is a great place to socialize and share new ideas and projects, and I, @Mayliberty, the creator of Yes Colours, have something great to share with you all. I joined Steemit in November of 2017, and have been apart of this wonderful, creative community since then. Some of you know who I am already as the Nurse/Poet. I have been working as a nurse for the past twenty plus years. But, since my back injury accident, which happened while I was working at the nursing home, (which I will talk about more in another blog soon), I can no longer work full time. So... that means less income, and more stress. I have to look for a new job, but I had a great idea.

I have been working on being a designer for the past three years and I designed, and created my own T Shirt Collection, which I have been working on for just over two years. I had planned to launch in London, but because of Brexit and the uncertainty it created with all the changes in government, politics, and laws, I held back for the moment, worried.

On the upside, I saw what was happening in this wonderful Steemit community on the Steemit blockchain and I was so impressed by how many companies and projects were building their start-ups so successfully, and that is when I knew exactly where to launch my Yes Colours project and my family supported me all the way. I could have launched it anywhere else, but I felt I should start it at my favourite place first, Steemit.

Me and my family received a lot of help from the Steemit Community. We want to personally thank @sirwinchester, @sandroieva, @soldier and @agent for the valuable help in making this project come alive. We are so happy that they took time to help us, even though we know that they are very busy with their own big project, @Appics.
We also can't forget, thanking the wonderful @ned and @dan, for creating such an amazing, and innovative platform for us all to connect on, plus the many wonderful witnesses too.

We saw, on Steemit, one of the many Color Challenges, and we decided to create our own in Yes Colours style to join in on the daily fun. You can also feel free to join in if you want to. The more the merrier.

"Yes Colours, is an exclusive T-Shirt Design Collection, which celebrates
life with design, to show the beauty of nature, all its colours, and the Diversity
of people from all over the world."

Our Motto is: One World. Many Colours. Enjoy Nature. Enjoy Life!

Here on Steemit, we present the first, finished... exclusive designs...
We hope you like them all

Yes Colours T Shirt Presentation.png

We accept Paypal and Steemit Currency. All T-Shirts cost 22 Euros/25 USD/22.50 SBD/20 STEEM, before shipping and handling. We have rounded everything down to keep it simple. Don't worry, the price will adjust with the market.

How To Order Your T-Shirts

Step 1:
Please pick your choice of T-Shirt and your size and send an email to

Step 2:
Our team members will be happy to respond to your request and confirm your order.

Step 3:
Please state how you would like to pay with our options provided, and once your payment is received, your purchased order will be delivered.

Step 4:
Delivery time is between 4-7 days, but varies depending on your location.

Step 5:
From Steemian to Steemian, if you have any problems whatsoever, I, @Mayliberty, am at your customer service.
You can reach me anytime also on Discord, my username is: Yes Colours # 7406

To ensure that your package is properly delivered, please make sure your address is fully entered and correct.


We are a small company. So please take care in ordering your T-Shirts.
Always check your right sizes and check the chart provided...
Our company only takes back damaged goods and not wrong orders. We only do Exchanges, if the goods are damaged.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 18.32.22.png
Please be sure to check and double check- Thank you!
If you need any help, feel free to contact us here at -

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 18.34.04.png

Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think of our Start-Up project. We will also be updating you on new exclusive T-Shirt Designs we have been working on. I will also write about our journey and our experience as new entrepreneurs. Please feel free to also resteem this post to raise awareness, and upvote, so that more of our Steemit Community can join in and join our Yes Colours Movement.

PS: The first order that we receive will win a second T-Shirt of their choice, with postage and shipping free of charge. This will be a continuing giveaway every month, so please join in for your chance to win...Thank you all once again

Now you can fill up your Wardrobe with Style using Steem & SBD...
😊 Have Fun Shopping!
* * *

Join The Yes Colours Movement...
Nature and People Together

Yes Colours & Designs are copyrighted by @Mayliberty. All rights reserved.


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Interesting !
Nice to meet you @yescolours


Nice to meet you too @mkam

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Thank you

Great post and awesome idea! Yescolours stands for fairness and equality 🙌
I especially like the Prince & Princess T-Shirts 😁👑


Thanks @agent 😊... you are Welcome to Ordering
So happy to see you like the Designs 🦋

Welcome to Steemit!
Cool shirts ✌️ everyone can represent their origin when wearing these


Yes that’s right... a Cool Shirt 👕 for everyone.
Thanks @melinasanner

Welcome to Steem, @yescolours!

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Thank you 😊

Your account is so inspiring and now you finally came out with this great design!
I like your message. Many people are thinking about their colours and start to judge others just because they look different. We are one world with many colours and I really love the idea to bring us all together and celebrate the colourful earth!


Yes that’s my message... Thank you for the feedback
@soldier 🦋


Your welcome 💙
I would definitely rock the purple Queen shirt!


Good choice... for all the Steemit Queen 👸🏻

Congratulation @mayliberty this is a wonderful great project... Super Designs... I will resteem it!
Good luck to you I will definitely order one of the T-shirts... I like the @yescolours King 👑.


Thanks @moonleesteem I will send you one 👍🦋

Wow 😮 I am deeply impressed by your Designs
And Motto... Super 👍
I am sending in quick my order for the @yescolours
Princess T-Shirt.
I just love the colours 💕


Hi Thanks for the feedback 🦋
Send me a email and the T-shirt is your... after
Your Payment...
If you are quick You could win the first Order Prize!!
Good Luck 🍀

Super Project... Super Designs ✅
You got my order for @yescolours America ▶️


Thanks peacemaker I appreciate it 😊🦋

I wish you a lot of success @mayliberty at
Steemit is a great place to stay a new Project
I really dig the @yescolours World T-Shirt


Thanks for the nice comment... @mordiki
We wish for the Best ▶️

Nice work 👌
one world without race, without judgement... with many colours!


Exactly... Thank you @sirwinchester 😊

I love the whole Yes Colours Project, you did an outstanding job with your first introduction post, very thorough and detailed. I definitely have to get me a KING t shirt. Yes to all colours and diversity. I support your message, motto, and what you stand for in uniting us all without limitations. Powerful words and great designs!


Thank you @verbal-d for the wonderful feedback 😊
So glad you like the Designs...
So happy to take your order 👍🦋