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Hello Steemians! This is Yemi and I am the newest Steemian to look out for. Here is my #IntroduceYourself or #IntroduceMyself post.


I got to know about Steemit through my younger brother @dukekjams and our frequent discussion about cryptocurrency - our new love. Lol.


I have taken my time to stroll around the community and found out the awesomeness of fun and love going round on here, the exact I have been seeking and finding in addition to the excesses I already get from friends and family.



Apart from being an Animal Scientist by profession and a Customer Care Consultant by training, I have many innate skills and some experiences by choice.



My family heritage is teaching, which I have been preserving since completing my High School some 16 years ago. Combined with my profession and training is teaching Agribusiness and the how-tos of farming and gardening to fellow countrymen.




Talk about farming as a profession, I have over 8 years experience in husbandry of Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Swine and Poultry. The skill I never hoarded but shared freely through #BackToFarmNigeria, an online knowledge repatriation programme via Facebook and Twitter.


I love many things. I love dogs and monkeys as pets. I love swimming, though not perfect but I'm coming up. I love to write when I am leisured, because I love art and literature; and I secularly do poetry. I love to discuss politics too. I'm a Nigerian and love to visit Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Kenya, Sweden and Tanzania. If you can cook well, we'll make a great friendship because I love to eat. Lol...


I've got a lot to tell about me and the things I do, but telling it all now will bore you.


You should look our for my posts randomly, as I'm set to also delve into many areas that are not even close to my profession and training.


You've got to follow me if you don't want to miss all the fun? Lol. Let's explore the world together!

12th July, 2017.

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Welcome to family :) Follow me back and I will surprise you on August 1 ;)

What's happening on August one... Anticipation

Welcome to Steem @yemikareem I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome to Steemit, enjoy your stay in here. Introduction was Waooooooo


Welcome to steemit. This is an amazing place with awesome content. Look forward to seeing some of your posts. Come and have a look at @yoda1917 I am sure you will find something there interesting and I give my best to help the new people :)



P.S, here is my latest post

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

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Welcome to Steemit @Yemikareem !

Thank you @monnowhelp! I'm really glad and excited to be here.

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Wellcome on steemit , i expect great content from you . I'll drop a follow

Lovely post!

Welcome @yemikareem to Steemit. Glad you’re on board. Hope you have a good time. Please follow me @dangho

Hi there Yemikareem :) - Welcome to Steemit ! I am @digital-gypsy, nice to meet you !

Thanks @digital-gypsy. It's same here.

welcome @Yemikareem to Steemit !! . I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @mekong

Sure @mekong! It's follow for follow. Thanks.

Let me welcome you to this awesome place Yemikareem . I'm @chrisx and if you need any help don't hesitate to contact or follow me :-)

Awww! Thanks for the offer @chrisx. Definitely, I will if there is need.

Welcome to Steemit @yemikareem!
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You introduction is awesome!
Nice to be your friend here at Steemit :kissing_heart: ! The community needs cool people like you @yemikareem:) :heart: :heart: :heart:
I already upvoted and followed you to see all of your future blogs!
I wish you more followers and friends!
Don't forget to follow me too @apple64 so that we can be friend forever :D :heart:

Thanks @apple64! Sure, friends forever it is! :D

Nice to hear that!

Welcome! Hope you enjoy Steemit! We are a great community. I am a Brazilian writer and videomaker, living in London. Here I post about photography, travelling and stories. Have a look at my profile and if you like it, follow me. Cheers!

Yes @marcelli, I'm loving it here! Thanks for checking by. Will follow. Cheers!

Welcome to steemit, happy to have you here