This is almost as painful as writing a dating profile

Hey everyone look at me, I'm interesting

I grew up in LA until I was in my early 20s.

At 22 I moved to Israel to join the IDF. Not for any sort of idealogical reason, just because I wanted to do something adventurous. After a few years in the army, I lived on the beach in Tel Aviv.

For the past 7 or so years I've been traveling the world, selling hair straighteners in shopping malls periodically to support myself.

A few days ago I just finished an 8 month stint selling straighteners in Sydney, Australia. I was working in a place called Bankstown, which has a pretty rough reputation (high Muslim population) but I found the people there to be pretty chill.

What time is it? It's Bitcoin time

During this time Bitcoin exploded and I finally took the plunge.

Back in 2012 I remember having a conversation with some hacker guy telling me that Bitcoin was around $100. Fortunately, this year when it spiked I had enough money to buy some. I also have a bad altcoin addiction.

I'm leaving Australia in a few days to take a trip to SE Asia so I can work on making more internet money.

While I've been working here, I spent some money on some eCommerce websites and have been nurturing some Instagram pages to go with them. The plan is to spend the next 6 or so months developing them until they're each making a respectable income.

Selling straighteners is fun, no doubt. But it's a demanding job and I'd rather only do it for a month or two when I feel like traveling to a new place. Internet money is where it's at.

Nice to meet you guys! If anyone has any questions about growing Instagram pages, let me know!

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Welcome to Steemit! You are going to love it here :)
I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon.


I already love it here :) and I hate everything!

Thanks for sharing man and welcome to Steemit! Awesome picture too lol "Magic Internet Money" i feel like that man right there when i explain cryptocurrency to people haaha


LOL I know right. Someday we'll be laughing together in our lambos

Lovely intro, welcome to steemit indeed!

What are you going to do with all the money you'll soon be making off of the altcoins?


Honestly I'll probably just leave it where it is until I need it. I have a few websites/IG pages that are taking off and I want to use those to make enough money to live and just keep the crypto long term.

The way I see it, blockchain and crypto is very hot right now. Lots of new coins all with high powered teams and a lot of enthusiasm. Everything is going up and it's a good time to get in. When will the bubble burst? I don't know, but I think we've got a few good years of this ahead of us.


Could be a few good years, or could be until a highly trusted, big coin's tech is proven to be fluff.

People will start questioning all the other coins, and that might lead into a bad spiral

i was your life while in IDF? is it fun to sell straighteners? just curious!


Life in the IDF... well, it was the worst thing I ever did that I would absolutely never want to do again. But at the same time I am glad I did it. I am pretty sure that most people who have been through the military would agree with that sentiment.

As for selling straighteners... you basically get paid to talk to girls all day and play with their hair. Not bad eh?

Welcome! I know sfa about Bitcoin or anything of the sort. Frankly, if I'm not actually involved with it, it makes my head hurt too much to bother. I'm only a few days old here, so I figure if my blog creates any form of success, I'll start reading up on it. If not, I'll save that section of my brain for cat videos haha


Hmm interesting I had thought that most people who found Steemit found it because of researching other cryptos. It's not that confusing. Just remember: magic internet money.


I'm known for being ass-backwards lol.

hi @yallapapi I hope I am still not late to earn from bitcoin. it was 2016 when I started bitcoin. The price was nothing compared to the present rate.


Honestly I don't think you're too late to start earning from BTC. Although at this point it might be better to get involved with some of the low market cap altcoins that are available. Check out for more information. I might write something about some of the better coins on here soon.

Crypto and blockchain are the future! And it's never too late to get involved in the future.


thanks, I am starting to earn from faucets... although, it is actually slow

Welcome to Steem. I love the title of your intro. It is always weird trying to write one. Good luck with your online ventures.


Thanks. Looking forward to being here

Hello @yallapapi, your story is great, and it's a pleasure to meet with people like you. You are a out of the box doer.
Thank you, I have followed you,,,,,,,,,,,,,please follow me.

Found your profile off your crappy post in Trending. Let me know if you're interested in joining the vet community here on STEEM.