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Oh how is it going to be? Gods only know.

I'm Xeri. Heyo.

How fast and vast this space is. How empty this page is. But that it is only now that I write these words. Soon it will be full of words. I'm filling it with every second. Slowly, but steadily. Fumbling at first, not knowing what to write and therefore mish-mashin' up the stirring stone, throwing it into the water, seeing how it reacts and what it reflects.

I am a gamer, a dreamer, an analyst, a writer and I like to think about how things function in coherrence and response to each other - what their innate relationship is.

Right now I can use You and myself as an example. We are here now. You are reading My words, therefore we are in an interaction and already develop some sort of a relationship. You read me. You spend your time on me. You may react and I may engage in conversation! So many crazy things can happen around here, wow!

The data encoded within this post is being transferred to and decoded in Your brain. We have yet to find out what exactly the basis of that relationship is going to be, but let's start out nice and slow, shall we?

I am a young man in early twenties, full of thoughts and in need to express. I will mostly write about science fiction, fantasy, PC games, philosophy and self-help advice.

I hereby greet and ask to be acknowledged by You, for You are who I'm interested in.

Xeri out.

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Why on earth are there no comments on your intro post? Probably too many people on board alredy to get noticed at all. I came across a comment of yous and wanted to find out more about you. So here we are: welcome on this platform. Steemit is a bit like the real world. Money rules. But there is a great community and a lot to ponder too. Have a good journey xeri!