From the Hills of Ireland to Planet Steem, A Wolfy Hello!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

Confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota River

I'm Wolfcat! Your friendly adventure companion! I'm quick on my feet and silly as all get up! Frolicking in nature is my favorite activity, although you can distract me from time to time if you have a story to share. I like a good back scratch and bowl full of raspberries! I've got my heart set on a life full of playfulness. I like to sing, dance, and seem to always have a story or two stuck in my head ready to share. Most days you can find me smelling the flowers and shootin' the breeze. Time is a wastin' so I'm always ready to play! Chances are we will get along great so lets make some memories!

Farmin' with poofy pants the family feline in Southern Minnesota

I'm an adventurer by nature and a kid at heart, I come to Steemit to find friends around the world that want to connect. I love the idea of arriving in a new place and already having a group of friends that kinda get you. A kindred spirit is never far away.

I like bringing the sparkle back into life by noticing things that often go unnoticed, quirky lawn ornaments, a hidden flower, a good climbing tree, a moonlit night just ripe for the howlin', life is full of irresistible moments waiting to be noticed and seized!

Swinging bridge in Pai, Thailand

I will go to great lengths to experience something new and challenging. I'm inspired by the unknown and feel at home in it's presence. With my ears perked, bright eyed and bushy tailed I'll show up ready for action! I'm a believer in make believe and love to create imaginary worlds.

A homey Mongolian yurt after a few nights in the tent

Celebrating my 24th birthday, already 5 bowls of Arag deep here

At 5yrs old I was already dreamin and schemin about making my way around the world and with a bit of cunning and some wits I've found myself in the midst of some wonderful journeys. From drinking fermented mares milk on the Mongolian steppe, paddling the Amazon River, bicycling the United States' east coast, sailing across the Gulf of Mexico, working alongside prisoners facing death row sentences, hitchhiking down South America, only to name a handful, I'm in it for the long haul.

My trusty Long Haul Trucker on the Maine to South Carolina bike tour

Wolfcats like me are fueled on heart to heart connections, movin' one's limbs about real fast like, big belly laughs, spontaneity, and a long nights sleep under the stars. When I can get all these in one package there's no stopping me!

Trying to win her affection

I hope some to find some other nature lovers and adventurers here on Steemit to collaborate with! I have dreams that could fill up multiple lifetimes but it can only be as sweet as the people you share it with.

Napping on a washed up iceberg in Iceland

First bath in awhile, Victoria Falls, Zambia

Some things I hope to learn/do sometime in the next year:

  • Post something on Steemit finally! ✔️✔️✔️
  • Learn some songs on the ukulele
  • Perform street theatre with friends
  • Bicycle touring trip (possibly New Zealand, Cuba, Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas)
  • Aquire some foraging skills
  • Help build a tiny home/cabin/shack
  • Multi Day backpacking trek

Giant shoutout to @lovejoy for getting me onboard the Steemit train! Choo Choo!!
We are currently in Dingle, Ireland soaking up the Irish Sea and kicking off the SteemP2PTour in style.

Hope to meet some friendly folks along the way :) In the spirit of the Irish, Sláinte!!


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Hello! Welcome to Steemit.

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@steemcleaners - @wolfcat didn't respond to your messages because it looked "automated" and like "spam"... So, something to consider.


You have only 24 hours left to confirm your identity. Please refer to our other comment underneath.




Uffdah! Quick to the pounce round here! Your patience is apprecated as this wolfcat is just getting the hang of using Steemit and I'm experiencing a bit of a learning curve. You see, wolfcats like me are usually out prancing in the fields, lickin' our chops, or snoozin' in the backcountry. Please don't take our brief disappearances, response time, or the technological adjustment period personally. It's hard to type with these paws and the sheep in Ireland have been oh so tasty. Why!, there truely hasn't been a moment to spare! I'm really really real and happy to be here to share and connect with y'all! Hopefully all is well now!

Im sure the work of a @steemcleaners is hard and exhausting, so kudos to you friend. As a complete newbie to this Steemy world, I thought I'd share my confusion with this exchange. The original comment that was sent to me said it was "encouraged" for me to verify my identity in which "any reasonable verification method is accepted". I'm not an active member of the social media options you mentioned in the examples. Using my own ingenuity I created a second post thanking the Steemit community and referencing my current travels with @lovejoy as a way to show my authenticity and appreciation. I would have happily verified my profile if I understood the request was mandatory and the form of authentication specific.


@wolfcat is a new user who normally doesn't spend a lot of time online, plus we are currently travelling, with not much internet access. Also I have replied in the affirmative to her post if you look, which unless my account has been compromised should serve as perfectly good verification.

Welcome to Steem Community @wolfcat! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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Welcome to Steem @wolfcat I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Hey @wolfcat it will be fun getting to know you! Sounds like you've had really wonderful adventures and been to awesome places, I'm looking forward to hear more about them :) Let me know if you're going to the Annapurna Circuit, maybe I'll join you :P You are a very funny person :D That gif ! XD

Welcome to steemit! 👏🏻


Oh my goodness! That would be amazing!! Haha im glad you like the gif! Never had one before, super fun!

Hi .. I'm new Here, I need a push , thank you for up vote this post

Great intro post! Glad you are here!


Thanks it was fun making it!!

Your writing style is so playful and adventurous, just like you, I imagine. You are poetry in motion, with raspberries on top. Your travel photos are awe-inspiring. Because you have the spirit to sit in a cliffside waterfall and lay on top of a tiger, I’m confident you can manage the ukulele without losing any limbs.


Haha! Love this!! Thanks so much! Im excited to share! Hope to connect more with you soon!

Very exciting post, I don't think I could keep up with your travel adventures. Maybe I'll see you around the PAL Discord network sometime.


Yes! Ill look for you there :)


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Thanks for an awesome post! Looking forward to more of your travel blogging in the future.


Tom, I just saw your profile back drop and almost fell out of my chair. LOL


:) many updates to come! Cheers!

you need to follow @lloyddavis straight away so he can help you with -- 'Learn some songs on the ukulele' he's ya man, he's great at playing it! :) - oh and welcome!! :)


Oh hell yeah! Ill check him out! Thanks!!


super welcome. he's a lovely guy.

Hey @wolfcat ! Nice to have you onboard! Seem like you have some nice storys to tell! Looking forwards to read your stuff!! Hope you'll like it here :D Weeelcome!


:) thanks! I think I will! Im excited to share the journey!


Welcome to Steemit! Stick around for the long term though and follow some established authors here to quickly learn and grow with the community.If you have any doubts, you can always join and ask for #help.

Your post made me smile. Welcome to Steemit!


Oh :) Makes me smile to read that it made you smile! Cheers!

A new Steemian :-) hello @wolfcat I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk


Thanks! :) Happy to be here

Hello @wolfcat, welcome to Steemit!

Good one! I noticed that your account is couple of months old so I thought I'd send my late regards. Have an upvote and rock on!
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Hello, @Wolfcat, I'm just here to leave a nice Hello ^^. Unfortunately i don't have much voting power, but i will be back and vote my followers. Need to grow a little ^^. Have a great time @rightuppercorner


:) thanks!

I'm sooooo glad you're here @wolfcat! I hope you're enjoying that special Irish coffee! ;)


❤❤ thanks for introducing me and being my partner in crime on these journeys!

Very nice post, I want to travel to Ireland sometime soon. Your beautiful!


Ireland is gorgeous. If you go you must make your way to County Kerry

Easily one of the best intros I've read on here! I love your gardening picture...made me smile (I am a huge gardening nerd). Welcome @wolfcat!


Oh thanks!! I had fun writing it! We will have to share gardening adventures together :)


I recommend you come over to the Homesteading slack group and connect with the community there. We'll welcome you with open arms!

I like your idea of wearing knee pad during gardening :-)


I highhhhhly recommend it! It helps a lot!


cool. I will try it too :-) Thank you so much for that photo

Hello Wolfcat, welcome to Steem! :-)


Thanks!! Im happy to be here!

Have fun I hope you like it here is a cool portal with cool people


Thanks! Im excited to discover the portals!

Welcome to our community. I'm sure you will have a great time here


:) thanks! Happy to be here!

You’ll discover Steemit to be a welcoming community. I look forward to UPVOTING & FOLLOWING your MULTICULTURAL insights and perspectives. I would welcome your following, votes & comments on my MULTIRACIAL & MULTICULTURAL American perspectives @escapingculture.

Welcome @wolfcat on Steemit ,nice to meet you !

I've just upvoted you & followed on Steemit , please be kind enough to follow me ( @braveheart22 ) as well.

Let's do big this community !

I'm daily available with articles and quality news .

Thank you !


Good work and good

wow!!! welcome @wolfcat! seems like you are having an interesting life)) and i love the pictures! :D with a tiger?! really!? :)))


Haha! Glad you liked it! I would cuddle a tiger everyday if I could!!


i can't agree or disagree with you... i never cuddle it in my life :D but i hope you will have a chance to do it again :)

@wolfcat LOVE your pictures! Love your cats!!! I am new too! Upvoted you and followed!


Thanks! Ill check you out!


Wow - love the pics (and the GIF lol) - upvoted and following. LMK if you end up in Norway :)


Awesome thanks!! Ill make it there eventually for sure! Ive always wanted to go, it seems gorgeous out there! Haha glad you like the GIF! Its super fun!

Hello @wolfcat,
Your pictures are wonderful and very amusing for you have been to many places in the world. I hope visit those countries as well since I am also a travel enthusiast. Looking forward to more of your travels. :)


Oh awesome, happy to hear from another traveler! We will have to connect!

Assuming this is ID theft since no reply for requests to verify

!cheetah ban


Okay, I have banned @wolfcat.

Welcome to Steemit! You are an inspiration.

!cheetah unban


Okay, I have unbanned @wolfcat.

welcome! Looking forward to read more from you :)


Thanks! Im looking forward to sharing and meeting other Steemians!

Hi! I heard about you from @relativityboy, who enjoyed experiencing SteemFest with you and @lovejoy. I'm new to Steemit as of this evening and recently posted my #introduceyourself blog. Yours inspired me! I'm following you and looking forward to more posts of your journey through life. I'd love to connect in person, perhaps we'll meet in Minneapolis.

hey @wolfcat, so nice to have u here. Love to see more about you :)
i followed u my love. have a nice day