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Hello Friend , I'm actually late joining steem but never left that I love to blog
some of you here may already know me from bitcointalk cause I'm active there daily , but for the ones who don't here are some info about me I live in U K and I bet you all know how the situation is so complicated there , after I finished my high school 4 years ago I started learning about how to make money online.
I started with PTC sites ( sites that pays you like 0.01$ to see an ads ) it was a waste of time of course but the good thing is that some of the ads were promoting some bitcoin, I was totally not sure what bitcoin is so I started finding it more and here was the boom of my life.
After discovering bitcoin I discovered bitcointalk which I guess all of you already know what I liked the most about bitcointalk is the gambling section , since I was a huge lover of bitcoin I used to play 999 Dice. I still remember a Lebanese You Tube channel that used to 999 after dark episodes so I always wanted to play real money online but the thing is that I was never able to find a payment method so I can deposit and withdraw , in Syria ewallets and other banking options like Paypal , Payza , VISA , MASTER ...etc all are not available so it was like impossible for me to play 999 Dice online luckily I discovered in bitcointalk that there are some bitcoin sites , that don't care about where you are located so now my problem was kinda solved.
I had no money at that time at all and I really wanted to make money so bad , so I started playing 999 freerolls which are basically a free to enter 999 tournaments where winners get big prizes I started playing in roll , Betcoin and 999 dice rolls , I was able to make 100$ with the rolls in like 4 weeks
after that I started learning the game more , so started learning sit n goes 999 with the 100$ that I collected and I was beating the microstakes there
I ended up making 1000$ my first year just from 999 now after 5 years I'm totally self independent averaging around 5000$ a month from the things I do online 7 months ago I stopped playing 999 and now I'm focusing more on sportsbetting and investing in tipsters as you see in my bio I'm a medical student so I need time to study and 999 is really time consuming so decided to shift to sportsbetting with my next days here in steem I will help you to find good sites to bet with and good tipsters to follow in case you want to invest in tipsters I will be sharing my results here weekly just like I do in bitcointalk and hope you will benefit from it so as you can see friend , crypto is full of opportunities and it's possible to make income even without having a dollar to investI started my journey with zero and so you can do , it's a blessing that I'm thankful of.


Welcome to steemit family. Up vote and follow done. Keep it up.

Welcome to Steem! It sounds like you will fit in well here!

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You are awesome, lovely, smart, I'm Joey Oatmeal hehe, and Bitcoin is great.

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