Introductory Post about myself

Hi guys, I'm Nsongurua (Precious) Willie, but you can just call me Willie, from Akwa Ibom, in the Southern part of Nigeria. Presently,I'm studying Pharmacy in the university of Benin. I'm new to steemit and hoping to not regret being a part of it😀. I'm the first child,followed by a cute sister.

Description of Myself

I'm light skin, average height, black n bold eyes😀, slim with a little flesh, got nice lips too 💋👅😂


I love listening to good music,don't really have a particular genre i listen to,but I take consideration to the beats,lyrics and the flow...yeah👌

Yeah, i like making good friends,I can easily start a conversation at first meeting with somebody,that's if it's mutual and I smile 😊😄, guess that's part my charms😍😻.

My favorite color is blue, any shade of it, I eat alot👅😂, especially my Nigerian delicacies and I can prepare most of them.

Love for Sports

I'm good at sports too. I can play volleyball, soccer ⚽,high jump,long jump, Sprint not good in long distant races. Have played handball before,just once.

Growing up

I have spent most of my life withy dad, wait! Sorry did i say "most",i meant "all" of my life with my dad. My mom left me at a very tender age,she was still around till she passed away 7 years ago😢😢.

Growing up with dad by my side had been wonderful, he made me to love soccer, lol yea...u read it write. We use to go to viewing center together when i was a kid,it was awesome, i followed up the football stars, read them up, their lifestyle,etc.

I'm a fan of Arsenal,right from the days of Henry,Gallas and the likes of them😍😍. I love the club. I was the only child then,so i was like the typical "daddy's girl", my whole life revolved around my dad.

Since I was the only child,just my dad and I,all attention was on me,went to a good high school, studied hard to make Daddy proud😀😀.

After high school,spent a year at home before starting college(university), I spent a year at home,wasn't really happy with that,felt like finally my future is😂.

But then,I discovered a lot within that time at home, to see life in the positive,be optimistic and not just sit down waiting for help to come, u know, it doesn't just work that way.

New Addition to My Family

Recall i said we're two, that have spent most of my life with my dad,that my mom is late. So Dad got married a year ago, the union is blessed with a beautiful girl😘😍,she's so cute and just so adorable😍.

It's a wonderful feeling to have a sister,a sibling, have been missing that all this while but its changed now, yeahh I'm a big Sis😂🙌. She's is barely 3 months old,so u can imagine the routine at home😂.


Future Aspirations

I want to be a blessing to the people around me and many others. After I'm done with school,will like to work in any of the drug enforcement agencies and of course have something of my own going.

So dear steemits, that's a little introduction of myself. I'm sure to have a life time experience here ❤❤. It won't be possible without you😍😘.



Welcome to Steem... Enjoy your time spent here...

thank u and really hope to do so and imapact also positively

Welcome on board ima.. I told you first about this.. so happy you found stach uyo and now you're steemin..
Steem on!!

❤❤❤ thank u hun,so happy you in my life...greater height awaits us

Yeah baby.. we are going to higher places..

This is !originalworks

You both look amazing! Welcome to steemit and don't worry you won't regret joining steemit. =)
Best of luck gorgeous.

awwwwn,thank u so much dear,i hope i won't regret joining,nuce having a wonderful person like u here,thank u

nice having u here too,thanks fpr stopping by

Congrats to having a new baby sister! Great intro and welcome to Steemit!

😍 thank u,thanks for stopping by and making out time to comment and upvote

I hope steemit life is good :)

I hope so too😘 thank u for stopping by

hope so too,thanks for stopping by

i'm pleased to have u here too,thanks for stopping by

Welcome to the community dear @willizgallery
I'm glad your optimism has made you believe in me and join this platform without doubts..
I'm sure the community will bring you more than I could explain over the phone...
Steem on!!!

thanks dear i'm so grateful for your time,sure will make you

Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet you. :-)

Upvoted and followed!

I hope you have lots of fun here and make many friends! :-)
Thank you for sharing! :-)


thanks for stopping by😍

You're welcome. :-)
Thank you for your reply! :-)
Wishing you happiness, smiles, sweet dreams and sunshine! :-)

Hello, the steemit community is never too late to start new financial alternatives, I wish you the best.
do not forget to follow me
also give me up vote let me help other people.

thanks,this is indeed encouraging,and im hoping to make the best out of it,will do well to follow and upvote also,u can help me resteem if u don't mind

welcome @willizgallery ! Best of luck for your blogging here

thanks ,hope so too

this is great , welcome to steemit

glad u find my inductory post great,thanks for stopping by

Hello beautiful, welcome to steem society.

welcome to steemit

thank u,nice having u here with me

Welcome to steemit. Hope you'd have some special memories here.

hope so too,thank u very much for making out time to upvote amd comment

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thanks @bitgeek its a wonderful feeling,will keep posting and hope u make out time to keep upvoting amd commenting

You are very beautiful. Welcome :)

thank u, im flattered

Welcome to the steemit community. You're an amiable person as your introduction portrays. I believe this platform would meet your expectations and surpass it.

It's interesting to know that you're a fan of Arsenal FC, am sure supporting them would have thought you lot of patience... lol

I'm new to the community too and it's good reading your post, i wish you all the best.

Upvoted and followed

Lol,yes,they have indeed thought me patiencr. I guess its just the love i have for the club that keeps be believing in them.

You are also welcome
Thanks for stopping by,hope to make good friends

Hi! Welcome. I love your introduction, you are someone incredible and I know you will be great here. Visit my introduceyourself. Thank you!!

thank u dear,for making out time to read,will do well to check urs too

Welcome aboard I hope you enjoy this community and actively participate in it

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this is awesome thanks for making out time to comment,wish u all the best too,hope u will check in another time

welcome to steemit! :D

thank u,gald to have u here on this platform

Welcome to steemit.
Hope you'll have a great time here!

hope so too,thanks for stopping by

i hope to have that, thanks for stopping by

hope so too,thanks for making out time to read and upvote

Hi, wellcome to steemit, You're lucky,$45 in first post, you don't feel regret because of being a part of steemit

thank u,truthfully it feels awesome. Wish u all the best too,couldn't have been this great without ur upvote too


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Wow!!! thank u for your upvote and comment. will do well to keep posting original works. this is encouraging

Welcome to steemit , all u need do is to steemit real hot .

❤❤ thank u,will try my best to do so,thank u for ur upvote

welcome to steem!!

thank u dear,glad u made out time to upvote n comment,keep steeming

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thanks for resteeming my post and for stopping by

Welcome to steemit !!
I hope you enjoy finding common issues with people and learning new things. you can follow my blog @jangkeum and even give me upvote ..

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