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What is up guys?!

This account has been created for the purposes of putting up guides and tutorials for all newcomers out there. We all know how overwhelming everything was when we joined steem don't we? We all remember being confused about Steem and SBD and Steem Power and how everything worked and not knowing who to turn to or who to ask due to the lack of a single dedicated blog about this? Well I decided to try and fix that! I mean sure we found an article or two here and there when we had questions but it was a hassle.

I am going to dedicate my time on this blog to bring about a much more organized place for newbies to read and ask questions. I will also be adding a weekly table of contents post so that it is easy for anyone who joins in to click a link and be taken to that article.

I won't say much here but here are some of the few guides I have planned for all newcomers to this platform! Please let me know in the comments below if you'd like anything else added!

  • Difference between the different currencies used on steemit
  • Creating your first post
  • Changing passwords and securing your accounts
  • Upvoting
  • Witnesses and voting for witnesses
  • How to become a witness
  • How to increase your following
  • Creating quality posts
  • Commenting
  • Spam and how not to be labelled as a spammer

Any and all questions that people ask me on any of my posts will be compiled as well and added to a single post at the end of each month. That way, we will have a bulk "frequently asked questions" post as well to clear up confusions for future minnows!


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Is there any posibility that u may resteem my post: How dragon ball got me inspired into BB.. ? i can resteem yours if it help ^^

I really dont wanna promote so i want to tell u that every tutorial will be appreciated cuz im new here too.. and i dont know much about steemit yet :) keep it up.

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