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Dear readers,

please allow me to give a brief introduction of myself, and explain you why I have joined the Steemit community.

My interests are many; from sports and the physically challenging, to technology and the mentally exhausting. From the mundane and visually soothing, to the deeper questions in life and the reality as we accept it. The latter is what I consider the most intriguing and what consumes me the most. This is also what I would like to engage in dialogues with you the most. At the same time, it is also what I find the most challenging.

Through this introduction I will try to give a small taste of some of these topics, as well as the softer and trivial ones. Some topics I will not even dear to mention now.

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Through the years I have had quite a few discussions on what I consider the more important topics in life, and I have observed perhaps even more between others. One common denominator for almost of these discussions, is that they often escalate or derail into heated non-constructive debates when held between parties with polarizing beliefs. I know not only this through observation of others. I have known it first hand more times than I can say I’m proud of. Although, over the last years they have become fewer. Not gone, yet on a rapid decrease with myself as a non-constructive participate. I will make a rather sharp accusation and the attempt two slightly different examples on the same topic

I would claim most people is not completely honest. With that I do not mean that most of us are going around wittingly lying on topics that we hold the highest and most important to ourselves. First and foremost, I think we’re not honest with ourselves. I think this is because we are allowing our subjective feelings for our beliefs override our perceived objectivity. When in a dialogue with a counterpart our arguments do not feel strong enough to convince the other, we tend to upgrade our believes to something “more” then they are. To for instance now labelling them as “facts” or something we “know for sure”. To ourselves we often legitimize this upgrade by our very strong belief or some external authority. This can be very common in religious discussion were one part feel that he will be at a disposition if he only claiming he “believes in his God”, and thus allowing himself to upgrade it to “knowing God exist”. I am by no means trying to delegitimize religion. This miss-labeling is at least as common in atheistic circles who are placing their belief in what they call science. There is a big difference between the scientific method and the belief in science. Where the latter is also known as Scientism, and in some fundamental way directly contradict the first. However, this is an interesting topic for another day. The example I’m trying to make of this is that here, both sides are trying to pull some sleazy punches to pull some extra weight on their side. In a “the ends justify the means” kind of way.

One other example on the same topic can be a discussion between an Atheist and a Christian on the acceptance of homosexuality within Christianity. Initially one should think the Atheist had no interest in the matter, as he believe it is all a made up story – no different to a science-fiction novel. Since most Atheist seem to do care quite a bit; let us say he may have taken an interest because he sees religion, and thus the Bible, as a useful tool in today’s society. Because of his view on religion it makes perfect sense to him that this “tool” should be adapted to best serve the democratic interest of man in any given society. On the other side, we have the Christian, who sees the Bible as inspired by God, and that his words are by no means susceptible for any democratic revision.

For all the time, these two parties do not acknowledge address their most fundamental differences, they will have no common understanding onto which they could sensible keep a conversation on the concrete topic on acceptance of homosexuality in the Christianity. A heated and non-constructive debate is likely in the cards.

I must remind myself that this is an introduction, so I will end it here and say; in the search of the truth, do not try to camouflage your believes as something it is not. We all have believes. In my opinion, it is exceptionally few things, perhaps almost nothing, that we can know without having to involve even the slightest amount of belief.

Your beliefs do a poor job in convincing others, still it has the power to great inspire. Do not hide it, yet present it in its true form. The truth does not need the help of a lie to prevail.

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This sound heavy, and perhaps a little wacko. However, fear not. I plan to experiment on the softer and more cheerful side as well. Too much of the heavy stuff can have a negative effect on once mood, and turn yet the liveliest bird to the darkest pessimist. I feel like it is becoming overrepresented in this post already.

For that reason, I plan to give myself, and if my posts at some point should have a reader also offer him or her, a break to unwind and recuperate. A break in the form of something pleasing to the mind and eye. Like a soothing photo with a bite-size piece of information to go along with it. Hopefully sharing a tiny piece of knowledge of our beautiful world from my personal archive. Perhaps also sowing a seed of inspiration. Inspiration to travel and explore. I’m talking about photos of nature.


I come here to share and expose some of my ideas. To the scrutiny of any reader, and to encourage an open-minded discussion, or I should really say a dialectic. For those who are familiar with the definition; this can be taken as a hint of a future topics. For now, I will leave it at that, and continue to say that I am here to learn from you, to challenge my own knowledge, reasoning and thus indirectly also my own beliefs.

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I need your help. I need your help to refine my understanding of the world and everything in it. To help me identify the weeds within my theories, so that they can be ripped out by their roots. I need you to plant new seeds in their place, and water them all with fresh arguments, logic and thoughts. I need you to tell it to me straight, when I’m being silly. Like becoming floatingly poetic, and failing miserably…

I am by no means a full-time content provider, and neither do I plan to become one. I post on my mind and hearts own random schedule. Mostly I will be reading other people’s contributions. There is already an army of sharp minds steeming with wisdom and knowledge in these woods.

Thank You.jpg

At the very end, I will humbly say to any one person that is willing to read and share a piece of their mind, that I will be out most grateful for your time and contribution!



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