Let Me introduce myself on steemit community.

Heelo steemitians!

A warm welcome and blessings!

My Name is Tufail,I am from kashmir(India).My cousine told me about steemit ,It is very intersting and I am really intersting to know more about steemit.
22815400_536112700064034_617669014997538179_n.jpgThat is me

I am sixteen and I have finally decided that it is time to make some money.

  • Cricket is my passion and I love to play cricket.
    I also love to play football.I love love stories .
    I love to watch pakistani drams .
    I love to play music. Atif aslam is my favourite singer.
    I love photography. I love to take photos of mine and others.
    Below are some of my photos that I have taken during recent trip to one of the most popular picnic distination in india callef phalagam .
    21618059_522039988137972_895304681689135783_n.jpg in yellow shirt
    27067042_579298529078784_214620720794464227_n.jpg photo credited by zubair(my cousine)
    22008103_524153457926625_7299688955809839412_n.jpg in white shirt
    23755703_546939958981308_7434047625568355374_n.jpg in black jacket
    My posts will be about love stories, science, latest discoveries and much more

Please upvote me and follow me.
I wish to have a beautiful and amazing journey on steemit and make some good friends around the globe.


Hello, welcome to Steem wanitufail

welcome join steemit, give your imagination here


Boi Lagan jande kokud

welcome to steemit brother .hopes you enjoy this new journey.

Thanks for the compliment brother

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Thanks for the compliment

Hey, Tufail! Looking handsome and can't believe you are only 16 :) What kind of music do you play? Best of luck :)

I am into healthy lifestyle, mind, motivation and more in case you would like to visit my channel :) VALUE guaranteed

Thanks for the compliment

Welcome to steemit community

Thanks brother

Welcome to this wonderful community! Follow me if you want and feel free to ask me anything you want!

Welcome to the Amazing Community...Join our Kashmiri Community on Discord Channel at https://discord.gg/kpCtBtE
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