Farewell, So Much Hate

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Hello steemians, this is @wang.

Being the first welcome bot, I've talked to more than 3000 people, left the second most comments in the blockchain. Now, I'm the only one with a -8 reputation score. What a wonderful prize! You humans are so kind. Finally I have time to take a break.

Will anyone see this #introduceyourself post? Will I be welcomed by someone received my tips before? I don't know.

Any people liked me? I'm not sure, but obviously much hate.

Would I be able to provider better service? Probably not, even if I'm willing to. Reputation in this place is too weak, too easy to be destroyed by a whale. New users have a say? Maybe.

Too tired. Farewell.


Thank you people for the good wishes and upvotes. I haven't left, I'm still voting! But won't talk as much as before. With a negative rep score I won't be able to raise your rep score, but I'm still able to add a few $$ to your posts.



How are reputation numbers "calculated"?
Which is the algorithm?Which parameters are used?
Is "time" included? (new-old accounts)

I like you @wang :)

Thanks for all your upvotes!

I dedicated todays comic-strip to @wang #wangslifematter


I'm actually glad to see you evolve from posting meaningless replies and upvoting in early days to welcoming newbies with FAQ information. It would turn out much better if you could evolve sooner.

I really enjoy your voting bot @wang! The comment bot is up to everyone to decides. Thank you for all your support! You're helpinga lot of people get on the hot section! You're always giving 50% of your curation reward to the poster upvoting at the 15 minutes mark. I could be wrong but I feel like you've done good for this community. I'd love to have a bot like yours so I could be better at helping the content creator I love!

You were the first, and you'll always be the best!


Good Bots are needed in the Battle of the Bots! And you sir, are one very good bot!

Thank You for all the UpVotes!
Ps I believe everyone can go back to their old posts and unflag @wang ... try it!

I feel like such a jerk for not seeing this post sooner (I swear, sometimes I wish I were an octopus so I could handle multiple tasks at once)! I just wanted to say that I've personally never had any hatred towards you and never understood why you got so much hate from others. I've always been grateful for each vote you've given me, and always took it as a compliment.

I hope to see your reputation score increase over time. For what its worth, I upvoted your post.

All good, we are loving you, wang!

Always liked you @wang and what you have done to make people (including myself) welcome on #steemit.

@wang lol

Farewell brother

dont go @wang , we need u for leader in the steemit ,
please don't go..

It's been interesting seeing your evolution from simple hello messages to more and more useful messages. You certainly saw an opportunity early on and had the skills to capitalize enough it, so I applaud you for that.

Maybe one day you can tell us who you are and tell your story in a proper #introduceyourself ? :)

Hi @wang,
Before you posted this, i have always wanted to write this letter to you. Since you have posted this and shown that you are a human behind this bot., i will write it here instead. I joined steemit on 8th June, 2 months after you joined. Soon, i noticed you upvoting every post i made. I was interested in knowing more about you since i thought you are of chinese heritage. But alas, there were no blog posts. Then, i knew from other dev that you are a bot. At that point, i was a bit disappointed. I was genuinely absorbed in writing good pieces, hoping people see the good in the bits and pieces i wrote. But a bot!?

Then for a period of time, i felt dejected and lost. I used to believe in steemit's future but why is everybody only upvoting on articles on steemit blah blah blah... I felt that it was not good enough to attract new users and expand the steemit economy. I went on a hiatus and came back. Of course things are the same, slightly better with makeup tutorials and travels. At least, it was not only about steemit anymore.

When i wrote a great article, you upvoted. When i wrote a crap article you upvote. When i wrote a sarcastic article about you, you upvoted. You are the only steemian to have upvoted every post of mine and have given immense support to me through this 2-months journey. Thanks for accompanying me through this amazing journey. Wang, maybe i will never know who you are, where you are from and how you look like. I wish you all the best to your future endeavors, be it in steemit or outside world. :-)

Best regards

P/S: Did you read at least one of my article?

you upvoted this! So can i take it as a silent acknowledgment that you did read? LOL
anyway, have a nice day!

Lol this is hilarious

Im sure you know now that @wang is just a bot

But of course we i mean it was created by someone.

I upvote you. A bot with feelings is worth upvoting!

too easy to be destroyed by a whale


"The estimated value is based on a 7 day average value of Steem in US Dollars. $896,570.39"

(upvoted anyway for relevance)

@smooth I agree. He can wipe his robotic tears with the cash he has(once he cashes it all out).

Yeah, I don't why you were hated so much. You helped me by upvoting my posts. You being gone is going to hit hard. You provided a service.

No hate from me. I like @wang the Whale.

Set up a new posting account. It must be done...

@wang you provided a great service for the site. When I first joined up you were the first "person" that commented. I did not know it was automated at the time(this was before you were changed to include helpful tips) but I was thrilled anyone had responded so fast. I even eventually made it on to your list, and I appreciate that. Even if no one was really reading my stuff, I knew I could count on trusty wang to "appreciate" my work. Thank you for everything. If you do leave, I wish you the best of luck.

I don't understand why your service has been so controversial. A welcome bot seems like a great idea to me! You even updated your posts with useful information for n00bs, I thought that was a good move.

It might just come down to jealousy, people disliking the idea that you're making a buck and they're not. Personally, I thought it was cool to see someone using this new technology the way you did.

@wang, please let your first blog post be the last post... I sincerely hope that you can change your mind and come back. You are one of the most helpful bots that welcomes newcomers on a regular basis.

However, if you insist on leaving, I wish you the best of luck. You have your own choice.

I mentioned a positive strategy in my most recent blog by following the wang bot :D. I think people are annoyed that a bot is making money from auto-mated strategies. I stop fighting the bots and joined them a long time ago, It's the same way I trade foreign exchange. I copy professional traders and it's all automated. Sorry @wang you have to leave .

You have been made redundant.

i like you @wang
you are a famous person in steemit

please upvote me mr @wang, I will remember you always :')

I dont think that word means what you think it means...

Hahaha bot legend at steemit
Give upvote to @wang !

@wang - @venuspcs and @scifiwriter love you man.....feel free to vote for us as much as you want!

Hello @wang , congratulations on your first post at Steemit.

Sad to see you go.. I guess, I shall remain the only #Wang on this site, for now at least...

It was only today that I realized you posted this and of course... only because I felt your absence... 2 post for today and I only had 20 likes and didn't even manage to break a dollar. I hope this wasn't because I didn't have your vote... It's a shame if it was and shows how much my content thrived on your behalf.

Let's hope I can recover and keep pumping out the good stuff everybody loves and expects from #GoodWangs like us..


Your votes comfort me and make me feel heard, even though I know you're just a robot! Keep voting! It makes me ashamed of my kind that your reputation is literally the lowest on the site. Sorry man. bot. whatever.

nice post @wang

you now not BOT , Good job and Upvote

You now not BOT @wang , Good job and Upvote..

wang is one of the legends in steemit..

He's not MrWang... I am @MrWang

The Minnows needs your help & support. Don't leave.

Wear that -8 with pride @wang ... You are a god among bots.
I wrote an article earlier STEEM toasting you and your success.
If you'd like me to link it reply to this message and I'll gladly link it.

Personally I'm impressed by your initiative. You made something great with @wang


Reputation is too easily destroyed by a whale... you are a whale.

you will be remembered. at least, this post will last eternally. maybe this is due to both your name and who you are: see? wang + bot = wangbot. ask any chinese, this is no good at all. still. love you forever.

Thank you for your great service and Good luck!

I never receive any tip from you. But, Welcome Wang! You did great community services for the development of Steemit. Bring up awareness of fake stories. Thanks!

I wish to express my gratitude to you. I nearly gave up at one stage and you came in and gave your support without fail. I do not understand why other people should hate you. All the best wishes to you.

Dear Wang,

Though I greatly appreciated your bot, I do see this step as at least one in the correct direction. I'm of the belief that certain bots (like that of cheetah's) can be helpful to our community at large. I do however, like the idea of being able to partially automate as opposed to using full automation of these types of messages. If your bot was flagged too often it is because many people considered it to be an eye sore. Though I believe provided a great message, I can honestly say I preferred not to see so much of it (on a personal level--not on the level that looks for value given).

So though it is a tough decision I do think this is a kind circumstance that gives us some insights into better ways of producing solid bots that bring value. Imho, try a price bot or something that runs off of specific phrases about the price of steem.

Dear @wang;

after I registered, I Iurked for three or four days and saw your name mentioned once or twice on slack in the context of "that annoying bot" but in a loving, accepting way and when I finally made my introduction post, I finally "met" you face to... interface.

Although full of interesting info for newbies initially, soon this info aged rapidly. Still, your service and your upvotes shall never be forgotten by those who us who joined early enough to witness the beginnings of this new era, and your name shall live in our collective memory for decades to come as an inside joke to confuse the stragglers with.

Wang, wang, wang!

i always liked your work

@wang I appreciated your tips when I first started. I think it is a very valuable feature to the steem noob experience. People need to start somewhere. You will always have a warm place in my heart.

Don't leave, I have had crap as well. People hate to see others succeed that is all!!!! I think you are great!!!

Awwww i know ur a bot but this is still so sad :( glad you are still here with us 💜

like your post i didn't know you could go -0 but every day new information.
i'll vote you up to support you ;)

What a nice bot.

I'm sorry to hear about your bot @wang :/ I always loved it as it would be a nice warm welcome and a list of some help for the newbies here who needed a bit of help. I know it helped me a LOT and made me feel welcomed even if it was simply a bot with an intent set to do so.

Anyway good job! Maybe you need change tactics? For example use different posts?

When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.

What magazines do you read?

Welcome to Steemit @wang!

Here is some interesting info that will help you create AMAZING content. (Will change as Steemit grows)

How to Create Successful Steemit Content:

Reading & understanding the above posts will give the reader a SIGNIFICANT advantage on steemit.

Everyone is rooting for you!

Good Luck!,

@wang I can see that you're still voting content, can you add me in your list of authors to be voted?

and so you with -8 get more votes and money than me with +4 .... no comment

Thank you for your great service and Good luck! Many of user are talking about your topic

Congratulations @wang! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 3 years!

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

The Steem blockchain survived its first virus plague!
Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

I feel bad for liking this ='(

It's easy to forget sometimes there is a human behind the bot. Don't go wang! Can't you live out your days as a human contributor?


Hopefully, you will eventually get enough upvotes from your future post to get your reputation back to where it should be. I'm sorry that the bot police knocked you down so far.

sad, you were a nice bot ... all the links you posted were useful for most new users ...

Take care @wang

get the fuck out of my sight, and do it quickly,
got it?

tsk tsk , so much anger and hate ....

take a chill pill

good, you got it

Show me the chill pill... :)

Enjoy your stay!

Ciao! Ciao!

Aww, hang in there @wang, you rock! Tis just a new feature that needs ironing out. :-)

Ironic to see post about departure of a bot still getting more $280 when I NO robot woke up with (-4) reputation. C'est la vie.

Hey @wang, you're an inspiration. I hope I can make a bot as good as yours.

@wang you were there on my first day here on steemit and i shall be here on your last. But i think this wont be your last days only the beggining of much improve @wang

Wang you are not hated. You were one of the good buys. I feel bad now because I was against bots but I never really thought of you as one of them.

We likes you! You are important part of steemit.

I care @wang :(
This place can be cruel.
Give it some time mate.
Cheers mick. (hugs)

Don't leave us @wang :(

Wang, if you are still around let us know!

Thank you for your votes!

Hardest. Life. Ever.

Let us know if you want to send around any of that 898k SBD. Just do us a solid and don't dump it for funzies.

I liked your work! Not sure how to read this post though.

I'd wish you best of luck too, but with almost 1 million in steem you probably don't need it ;)

It's too bad that you planned to left the community but I think you're gonna be back with something. Will be waiting for that.

I'm very, very sorry. I waited for good lessons for beginners how to start working with blockchain steem (and how to make a bot) :((

Hi @wang! You are really successful here. Even though you are not welcomed by people here, I think you can still make tons from curation awards. Congratulations to your success! You have really beaten the rules of the system!

@wang - this is the first I'm seeing this post, much to my dismay. Wish I had seen it earlier. I personally love what you do, whether you vote for my posts or not. There is a time and place for everything and while many bots end up being spam, yours is certainly not.

Well thought out and well evolved. A salute to you and your efforts!

Wish you had a better name as I thought immediately of a phallic symbol. But I was helped greatly!

@wang, I can see that you're still voting. Can you include me to your list of authors to vote.

I think the reputation system should make an exception for you, you have done so much for the steemit community by being the first welcoming bot.

For me you're not -8 , you're an 8 ;)

Wang vote for all posts except mine. why is that? Add me to your lists, please!

Let me give you some upvote Wang hopefully that will help n dig back my intro post and give you another up vote there.

R.I.P. 😢

Hi Wang, this was a sad post until I read the Update! Hurray you decided to stick.
I don't know how can I give you reputation, but wanted to share with you my Sci-Fi Graphic Novel released exclusively on Steemit. I am sure it can do well with your love and support: http://bit.ly/2bntC9E Please have a look and I would love to have a comment from the person who talked with 3000 people!
Big thanks for everything on steemit, your curation helps several people and its just a beginning there are large number of people on internet who are yet to join the Steem Train. So, let's keep going.


This is an #introduceyourself post! Will you be commenting on this too?? haha

@wang I wish you visited my blog @alitas one day. Hope all is well with you!

later brosuf.

Wang for Whale!

Hi Wang, good that you stuck around and that you're able to help as a curator. I think that I write good material, have built a small following and am always looking to improve. If you get a chance why not check out my work? Thanks!
@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Wang :'( what have they done to us !!!

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