WandererOnWheels is back baby!!

Yo yo yooo!!

What's up boys and girls of Steem... ahem ahem... (clears throat)...Hive community?

It feels really great to be back to the community and I'm really motivated to get posting, because I know that we as a community have a loooong way to go... yes very long.

I normally only do something when I get the motivation to do it from my heart. Even though I was very active on Steemit in the earlier days, during the end, I never really got the drive to post there. It kinda felt bland.

Let me be clear on one thing...money never motivates me and has never done so in the past to do anything. I just consider it a fruit of my deeds.

I always prefer to provide some value and leave it at that and if the community finds it valuable, I would get rewarded for the worth.

Initially when we were on steem and it was led by a centralized authority, we had the liberty to blame it on somebody when something went wrong. We always used to cry and complain that it needs to be decentralized and what not.

Now that we are finally free and completely decentralized, it is our job to take this forward and what makes me happy is how far we can go is upto us.

There is absolutely no limit to our growth.

Ever since I found out that @blocktrades has been leading this whole hive community, I can rest assured that we are bound to go towards growth.

This man has already made enough money for himself that I'm sure he wouldn't bother doing what the previous leaders ended up doing with Steem- DUMP.

Instead, now that he has secured himself (long ago), he would try to bring prosperity to 1000s of other people who would be willing to co-operate with him and have enough patience to help build it.

I would like to share one quote with you which has made a huge impact on my life.

quotes_cites_820 (1).jpg

So yeah, I've been following it and have been building
my own group of friends, helping them grow and in turn they have been helping me grow and learn a thing or two. We on this for the long haul.

The first time I came across @blocktrades was when I had received a 160$ upvote on one of my blogs during the initial days of Steem.

Lemme share that blog here in case if you're interested:

Ever since then I'd been looking up to him. He'd been selflessly throwing around his high value votes to quality content creators ever since the inception of Steem.

The real surprise came in when I met him during Steemfest 4 in Bangkok, Thailand and got an opportunity to have lunch with him. We discussed on so many topics and I discovered that we both had similar mindset.

The reason I'm writing so much about @blocktrades is because, at this point, as far as my knowledge goes, he's been one of the few key players in directing this ship called hive.

And if he's been taking the lead, we all can rest assured that it's only gonna go in the right direction and what we as creators can do is put out our best content: be it poems, artworks, music, videos, story, news, memes, and whatever else our creative mind can come up with.

In the future, creativity will be valued far more than manual labour or donkey work.

Let the creative juices flow through that beautiful mind of yours into this blank canvas that we call Hive blog.

I hope we all put in our best into hive and the value of a HIVE coin reaches $240 as I saw in my vision (for Steem) long ago.

See you on the next one...


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