Hi Steemit - I'm Your First Alien Member!

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I'm Draconian from Vega

Hey Steemians!

This is my first post after finally receiving clearance from the powers that be, though I've had an account here from the beginning.

My name is Phoenix. Actually my real name is Fung-Ling which means Phoenix Rising in English, so I just find it easier to go by Phoenix.

I believe I'm the first non-human on the Steemit site, that admits to it openly. I'm really excited to be here and share my life and journey with all of you.

I hope that I will be given a warm welcome here and treated with respect. I'm going to be called all the other non-humans here as well and hope that this becomes a safe space for all of us, one in which we can fully participate in disclosure and assist you all in the process.

Let me clarify what I mean by non-human, a better way to describe who I am is to call myself fully human. I'm aware of my ancestry, which is Vegan Draconion. Essentially though my outer appearance is human, my inner make-up is from a Draconion colony on Vega. As such I experience all the human emotions and am immersed in having the full human experience. Being aware of my pre-earth existence I also have full access to my mutli-dimensional capabilities. These include time travel, shapeshifting, ability to heal and I'm highly precognative, which is essentially a very advanced form of pattern recognition. Basically I'm one of the good lizard people. In the bible we're referred to at the Nephilim.

This is the first time I've been given clearance to share all of this publicly. I'm not expecting to be believed at this point, but I herald the beginning of the official disclosure and ascension process. As I said, I'm fully human, so I experience all emotions, but perhaps have less of an attachment to them.

I lived with Nick Pope for three years who held the position of manning the UFO desk at the British Ministry Of Defence, so I've been lucky to have had an enormous amount of support from different military and intelligence agencies. Disclosure from government and intelligence sources will never happen officially, as it would risk potential panic. Thus it's being done gently, and i hope with some wry humour from individuals coming forward, such as myself. Nick Pope won't ever be able to comment directly as he is bound by the Official Secrets Act. I'm certainly going to be bringing him over here for an exclusive interview for you all though!

13434215_510503632475450_1261540318_n bandw.jpg
Me, Nick Pope and David Duchovny!

I was the only non Ministry Of Defence person with access to the report on Psychic Ability shortly before it was released, and i have all of the UFO files including sensitive personal correspondence in my home. I will be sharing all of this with you in the next few months.

I am going to be completely exclusive to Steemit. There is something very beautiful about the energy of the people here that I'm drawn to and I believe there are already non-humans in your community. For me Steemit is a sacred space.

YOUR INNER-SEARCH CALLS IN YOUR CHURCH! ( The orinial meaning of church just means an assembly of people.)

Left: Me with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (the Ancient Aliens guy); Right: Me with the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell. They're both fully aware of what's going on.

My main focus here is going to be assisting you all with accessing your multi- dimensional capabilities. I'll be showing you how to manifest abundant lives and draw your desires toward you, for those of you that are more advanced I'm going to be showing you how to overcome the programming and conditioning you've had, which prevents you from living the life you dream of. I hope that this platform becomes the one that is most known for helping humanity.

I will also be sharing how the teachings of Jesus are actually an energetic map for gaining access to higher levels of existence, that is about quantum physics, left here for people to access as a guide through this energy matrix we currently inhabit. It's not the Christian religion, so I hope this doesn't trigger too many people as this isn't my intention.

Here's me with our lord, Draconian black transgender Jesus

It's my deepest wish to get you all in tune. In doing so the quality of your lives will be much better, and you'll also be able to access your superpowers, which I'm confident that everyone on this platform will be using for the highest good of all.

That's all for now, but once again I'm so excited to be here! Much love to you all.

Phoenix Rising

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Welcome, Fung-Ling!
Great introduce! ;)


Thankyou very much! I thought it was good too!

welcome to the steemit platform




your welcome

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Great thanks.

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Great thanks.

Welcome to Steemit.



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Welcome to Steemit. It's really a good platform for the nurturing authors and for the people who want to share their good work with the world. You'll surely have a nice time here. Lots of good wishes and good luck to you!! :):)


Thanks lovely you. x


Haha, thanks.x

I must say @Vylt, this is the coolest post I have found on Steemit so far... Started following you. Good luck :)))

@vyit, welcome to Steemit. I know you'll enjoy being here. I give you two keys you need in your steemit journey:

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Hi, im new in the community and my english its no very good, but I wanted to tell you that I would love to talk to you and meet you, I am someone interested in the subject, and I have many doubts about it and I do not believe the information I find on the net, however, for some reason your post gave me confidence , and it's funny because I started reading it with a lot of skepticism, but little by little I resonated with it, so if possible, I'd love to talk with you. Many blessings and congratulations.


Hi- thanks so much! Feel free to follow me. I'll be talking a lot more about it.

Hello @vylt welcome to Steem world.



Great introduction! Welcome to steemit!!

My interests are #invest, #shares, #online-earning, #tradeing, #cryptocurrency, #ico, #airdrop, #money and still more to come.

Hi @vylt, welcome to steemit and all the best with your vision ahead in the steemit community. I have given you an upvote and hope that you will pay it forward someday.

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Brilliant. Thanks so much for your comment.


You are most welcome @vylt.

Welcome vylt. Awesome post... i'm following and am in suspense for your next post. :)

Welcome friend i hope you enjoy your stay here!

feel free to follow me if your interested in food and fitness! :D

Welcome to Steemit :-) if you need any Travel tips for Earth let us know :-)

Welcome to the Steem blockchain! It'll be interesting to see what you might bring here.

Welcome to Steem, @vylt!

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Lovely. Thanks. I admit I have no idea how this works.

Welcome to Steemit.

Much love back to you Fung-Ling. I too recieved clearance from the powers that be, some time ago also. I think it's wonderful that you and I have arrived here at Steemit around the same time. Phoenix! I feel blessed already with you being here, I was fumbling around with some babble on and got a few words typed up for a post, before wandering off for a look about and found you. You are my first, in fact, you are the only being I have followed here on steamit so far. I hope its ok to just follow who you wish, I don't know, should I be talking with you about this beforehand? I am aware of the disclosure that has begun. You, however, are the first alien I have had the pleasure to (knowingly) address. This is better than CETI lol
Welcome Phoenix Rising


Yay! I'm so pleased to see your comment. We've all got to stick together. I was guided to use this platform. Of course you should just follow who you wish! It's your journey here on earth, you have to learn how to trust yourself. I don't mean to sound arrogant , but yes! I'm much better than CETI. Haha! x

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aloha ! pas mal ta garde mais si tu te penche un peut en avant tu couvre tes abdominaux avec tes coudes !!!!! courage

Welcome to Steemit @vylt
For your kind information keep safe your master password.
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Fung Ling, so fun, I thought I was an alien as a kid. You are beautiful and I love Sci-Fi. You are creative. What is Dragonian? Like the queen of dragons?


Yes! I'm Draconian royalty. You probably are an alien. I'll be teaching everyone how to tap into their alien powers. There are loads of mantids here as well.

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Welcome to Steemit, Phoenix! I hope your time here is an enjoyable one.

Congratulations for your divine intentions, i will support you from the otherside of the Earth. Bye