I am Very Unimportant Person

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I made this post to introduce my intention rather than myself.
It's not a joke, I am Very Unimportant Person in the same way others are VIP. It's pleasure and pain merged into each other, it's power. My ideas don't fit social interest, therefor I am usually discarded by default before I start. I am 42, nine years ago I reached illumination and continuously developing since. I've never said that to a close of mine, only hinted it few times.
Now it's time to finish some tasks, one of which is the so called "philosopher's stone" and I'm gonna share it for free.
If find my words too short I'll not mind questions.

Thank you.

Crowdsourcing Philosopher's Stone - Gold from Lead, Elixir of Life and 'The Spice'


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Welcome @Vup to Steemit :) Glad to see you. I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me !

Welcome to Steemit. I know you'll love it here. We're so glad you've joined us.

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Hi and welcome to Steemit. I do hope that you have a wonderful time on this platform, if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with do not hesitate to ask, I will be more than happy to help.
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Welcome @vup aboard the steemit express. This is a great platform to express yourself just like any other social media outlet except this one pays its users for interacting with each other. Post good content and your rewards can be limitless but always stay true to yourself.


Welcome to steemit :)
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