print("Hello world! Cześć steemit!");

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I am Eryk, I am 16 years old and I live in Poland.
Why here am I? Alone he is asking himself such a question on every day. It has always been my purpose... being oneself.
I am not listening to people which are slandering me, I have them deep. I am simply myself. I am trying to be nice for everyone,
I am very interesting - these are my features. To it I love programme.
So short "#introduceyourself", because I don't know, what next to write.
So, that's all.
Goodbye everyone. ~vistafan12

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Witamy chlebem i solą!

is it python?


yes ;)

Hello Eryk! What are your passions?


My passion - computers. I have always wanted to collect all laptop's, computers and other things similar to it.

its nice to see next dev here, You are python dev like your image suggest?


yes, i'm python/php/c#/go/node.js developer :)

Welcome!!! Hopefully you'll find some inspiration on the short time comming... My advice to you, just type about what you are interested (for example, coding...). Hope to read something else from you in the near future.

Cześć Eryku, welcome to Steem! :-)

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welcome programmer @vistafan12, nice to see your pict