I Have A Dream

in introduceyourself •  9 months ago

A realistic one, I hope..
To start a community, youtube channel, facebook page, meetups etc..

You probably think, yes, it is feasable, but the concept of this particular community is unheard of I think..
Well there are some organizations that do it, but it is not as accessible as the internet itself and of course as social media is.

Before I introduce to you my dream, I'll introduce myself:
My name is Vered, I am 30 years old (not that I celebrated it at all.... no time :) ), and as of today, a steemian (if that is the right term to say that I am part of steemit), I work as a Cyber Guide and as a Server Side Developer.

I am not as impressive as the other people here, but I want to share important parts of my professional journey here to whomever wishes to.

So, my dream is to create a community of women who are part of the high tech eco system, especially those who are in similar if not the same practice as I am, and also to women with no knowledge whatsoever in the field.

I want to encourage women to try the high tech field, from each and every aspects (sub fields) of it and to give a hand to those who are willing to start their own journey in it.

Well, that's pretty much it,
till next time...

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Hi! Welcome to steemit :)


Thank you Andi!

Hi @veredrose ! Great post, i like it, i just upvoted it ! PS: you may like to follow me ... @legsnheels