Picking up where we left off... Late Night/Early Morning Shenanigans on Overwatch

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So, I kind of crashed the party with my last post. I really appreciate all of the support. I am still not fully accustomed to using Steem/Steemit yet, but I'm glad I am now a part of the community. I've been reluctant to post on here in the first place because I shamelessly advertise myself enough in game, but I am very excited to see that community embraces my content. I take it very seriously and I'm happy that people can enjoy it. I figured i would take this opportunity, now, to give a little more back story on my stream so it's not just me posting random links to my content at odd hours of the night

I started streaming in October of 2013. It's been a long time. I primarily streamed Starcraft II and Eve Online. I used to play SC2 a lot in college with my friends and roommates. We all continued to play together after I graduated, and I've always had an inclination for video and audio production. Streaming as a nice way for me to stay creative whilst I waste hours upon hours of my life trying to improve my APM.

Eve online eventually took over the majority of my gaming interests once I had joined EMP (a small "pet alliance"/offspring aligned with Pandemic Legion). I enjoyed the comradery and the drama that went on beyond blowing up spaceships. One of my first Eve streams was a drunk cast that i ended up getting my entire fleet spied on and decimated because I did not use a stream-delay at the time. OPSEC, or operational security is very important in Eve Online, and i have still yet to figure out how to produce content in that game without jeopardizing everyone in my Fleet/Corp/Alliance. Aside from that, I have a love/hate relationship with CCP and have trouble getting back into the groove. There will be more Eve content in the future, but it's not really fitting into my schedule as of recent. If you don't understand anything that I just said about Eve, just skip this paragraph and pretend like it never happened.

Since the early days, I've had a lot of trouble maintaining a PC that will play the games I want to play and be able to stream them at the same time. I started upgrading my Desktop about 2 years ago, and my streaming schedule became dependant on what parts of my computer had blown up, and which parts I was still waiting to upgrade.

I tried to revamp my stream with VR oriented content when the HTC Vive came out in April, 2016. The Vive was difficult to get running with a lot of games and I had trouble streaming with the AMD setup I had. This led to the most recent iteration of my desktop, which is an Intel Based Machine... i7 6850K and Dual GTX 1080s. as it turns out, not many people watch VR, content, so it has been a little rough trying to build an audience through that.

I've been keeping a very consistent schedule since October, 2016. I Stream roughly 5 times a week, however the actual time that I stream varies depending on my schedule. At first the content was more of a variety, but it turns out that i very much enjoy Overwatch. That will probably be the majority of my content for the time being. I am always down to discuss Overwatch tactics and meta. I think this game is still in its infancy, and it is easily the best Competitive Multiplayer FPS that is available. Blizzard has done a great job with releasing updates for the game. It is modestly priced and provides a lot of replayability.

For the most part, I only play video games if i am streaming them. I try to justify the 6-8 hours I put into playing games by building an audience and community with my stream. Some days are better than others. The harsh reality that I will never be "Big Time" has still yet to settle in, so i am putting a lot of time, effort, and dedication to producing high quality content. I very much enjoy the spotlight and the focus of my stream. I really enjoy playing video games and acting like a total d-bag when i play. There's a character i like to portray on stream, but for the most part, it's just an louder and more overreacting version of myself.

I also am down to talk about pretty much anything else on my stream. I'm a huge fan of MMA and of course I dabble with cryptocurrency and mining. If you have any questions about Mining, Building Computers, or Streaming, I would happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge in my channel.

If you prefer, I multicast on other platforms as well

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Awesome to see you again! Upvoted & Re-steemed!

Upvoted followed and resteemed!! Please follow me back😊

Love it. I'm watching right now! I hear you talking about us :P

I didn't know how to code either and still learning and still a noob. Here to help if you need it. Just ask :)

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