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This is just a quick post to let you know who I am and what you can expect from me. 

First off, I'm not here to make some quick cash like I saw Jeff Berwick do. In fact, that mentality almost drove me away from this platform. But enough of my peer group wants me here, so here I am. 

I'll tell you a little bit about myself in a bit. But first, I want you to know what you'll get from me on this site.  

If you are somebody who is looking to start or grow your own business, you'll love what I produce.  

I'm a freelance copywriter and the head of marketing for Podcast Blastoff. So a lot of what you'll read here will help you write better advertisements and sales letters. 

If you are somebody who wants to better understand money, you're in luck.  

I write a lot about economics and free market solutions to societal problems. You're understanding of capitalism will grow if you stick around and follow my posts.  

If you are somebody who's looking to improve your own personal activism, I'm your guy.  

I've had my work featured on some of the biggest names in alternative media. And I'm a pretty successful activist, myself, both in popularity and conversions. So if you're looking for better ways to wake people up to your cause, I got tons of them. And I'll be sharing them here. 

Basically, if you want to be more successful in life, or make a bigger impact in the world, I can help you do it. And if I believe in what you're doing, I'd love to help you do it.  

What you need to know about me. 

I come from a very poor background. We grew up on section 8 and eating from food stamps. I spent most of my childhood in ghetto-ass neighborhoods, and a large part of it homeless. As kids, we'd wild out and get into a lot of trouble. 

In the early 2000's, my little brother and I started our own record label. We had to go independent because our music was to political for anybody to want us on their roster. We did a lot of shows, sold a lot of cd's, and learned a lot of hard lessons about running your own business. 

In late 2008, I started podcasting, mainly as a hobby. By 2010, it was a well paying hobby. I was able to use the money I earned from my podcast to build a fancy recording studio, which I now use to record for other podcasters. My podcast, the Nathan Fraser Show, airs on 4 online radio stations. It's also picked up by quite a few am and fm affiliates.  

In 2012, my little brother passed away from alcoholism. My dad died three days later, and my mom soon followed. This is the hardest thing that I've ever had to go through. We lost half of our family in about 15 months. It was nuts.  

Picking up the pieces, I started a new business for serving the needs of my fellow podcasters. That's my passion project, and you can find out more about it at the link below. 

For money, I help people with their marketing and sales copy. Which means I help businesses reach their customers with persuasive buying messages. I've been doing this for about 15 years. And recently I started producing content around it.  

That is what my own podcast is about. Well, that and promoting freedom, free markets and free people.  

My work there serves the Free Market Squad. We are a small-but-growing group of liberty-minded entrepreneurs dedicated to personal and professional freedom. 

That's about it. That's me in a nutshell. 

If you want to get to know me better, check out my podcast at the link below. It's unique, provocative, and empowering. And look forward to more from me here. So make sure to follow me. 

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Interested in seeing future posts, will follow!

Hi Nathan, nice to see you are on here too!
Crazy sheit you've been through. Glad that you came out on top.
Best of luck with your entrepreneurial endeavors.

I'm glad to see that you joined and even though I "know" you a bit... I really enjoyed reading your bio. It filled in some of the gaps and put you into better perspective in my mind. I feel like I know you better :rainbow:

Love what you do, Nathan! Thanks for all your hard work and for this little peek into your history. Didn't know most of this stuff but glad to know it now. ~ Fellow squad member :)

Steemit Millionaire here - its possible bro! nice meeting you here @steemlinks was here!

Let's do this Ghost Dance bro! We can make indigenous socialism real again like it was for 10s of thousands of years.

Welcome to the Steemit community Nathan. Glad to see you here. Upvoted and followed. Please upvote my recent article. Cheers! :-)

Hey Nathan, please consider that $200+ worth of Steem Dollars is a good cue to begin the converting process to Bitcoin, pronto, just in case. Our friend Shane Radliff is proficient with this, I'm sure he'd be happy to send you the bullet points on how to convert. Once your Steem Dollars are in the form of Bitcoin in a trusted Bitcoin wallet you can sit on it, or convert that over to USD or commodities you want. I realize you might know all of this, and if so, forgive me. For those reading along , there are multiple Steemit articles on the cashing out process. Great writing, looking forward to more.

I liked you post, but I got a bit surprised by this:

First off, I'm not here to make some quick cash like I saw Jeff Berwick do.

What makes think you know what's inside Jeff Berwick's head? It so easy to make assumptions like these and also it's easy to make a mistake when doing so.

The truth is: we don't know. Maybe he just wants "to make some quick cash" and maybe he has other goals. Maybe he initially wanted to make easy money but then realized something else (this is quite likely, as he's converted almost all his Steem Dollars into Steem Power). We just don't know.


I never said anything about Jeff's intentions.
I spoke of my own, compared to the waves of people that I saw trying to duplicate his success.
It in the days following Jeff's venture into steemit, almost everybody I know started jumping on the bandwagon, thinking they could do the same thing.
I was not trying to do the same thing. That is all that I said.


From what I understood about Steem, if you want to make "easy money" steem power is essential. Even if you aren't betting on long game, but are thinking midterm or so, steem power is the way to go. At least all the material about steem that I've seen explains this to be the case.


Yeah, it really turned me off that OP started by tearing someone else down in order to build himself up. Not to mention, anyone closely following Jeff Berwick since he was turned on to steemit would know that he can barely contain his excitement about the long term prospects of this platform and it's implications on multiple levels. He has also been very realistic from start about the kinds of rewards one could expect, saying people can make posts that may be rewarded (and I'm paraphrasing from memory here) "pennies or dollars, to hundreds or perhaps even thousands depending...".

Great to see you here Nathan!