A bit more about me!!!! Video-Biography!!!!

in introduceyourself •  2 years ago 

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In my first post I spoke about my jobs, and as Video Technician Audiovisual is my language, so lets play a few videos about what i did:


AND VIDEO TECH (360VIDEO, yes I have 360 camera):

I hope you like it, next post I'm gonna show my hobbies, maybe I have to divide in two chpaters, I have lots of videos.

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Great introduction best of luck to your job and welcome to steemit. =)

Thanks @purepinay , will be more Posts!!!!

You have a new follower!!!

welcome to steemit tronkoketa

enjoy and happy steemit !!

Thanks @lopezdacruz!!!!

Hablas Español???, he empezado a seguirte!!!!