Hey, it's me! Another new Steemer!

Introduce yourself. I hate things like that. Ask me something about cryptos, software development, .Net-sfuff, cars, travelling, food or alcohol - I'll introduce all of them to you. But introducing myself? Feels like some weird shit from outa space.

However, I call myself a “get-shit-done-engineer”, so let’s get this shit done! I have more than 15 years’ experience as a software developer. The last few years I have been into c#, I love c#, c# does all I want and c# is freaking awesome. Did I already mention that I love c#?

I am some kind of nerdish guy with social skills, it is pretty awesome to live in both worlds, actually. Blue Pills, Red Pills, just take them all and see the best of both worlds! I am a Swiss guy, so please excuse if my English is not always on top. 

What to expect from my blog? I have no clue! Really, whenever I feel like posting about something, I will. This will be a large range of topics like: Programming, Cryptocurrencies, Travelling or probably just some random stuff that bothers me. 

I’ve heard about a rumor that one should post a picture holding up some Steemit-whatever stuff, to proof not being a bot. I love rumors, too. But I don’t like following them. Well, here is my picture:

Enjoy the crypto ride (but don’t be greedy) and live your life!

Best wishes, Trollfarmer.

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You got SNEKKED!
I love your post!

You got snekked is my project for Jan 2018!
I look for good content (one post) and 2 new members who I will give a 100% upvote and mention in my daily post about this project later today! I will share your link in that post hoping it will bring you even more eyes and followers.

Welcome to the Steemit platform!
I hope you will have a marvelous, slithering time here on the platform!
Have a look at @minnowsupport ! This is a community for newer members on the platform. You can also find them on Discord chat!
link: https://discord.gg/UDwKuUN
You can also find me there and in some other groups on Discord under the name Snekky!

Best wishes