My first Steemit post! The low-down on my road to becoming a wine/travel nerd

Hi Steemians, my name is Jen! I have spent most of my adult life learning about the crazy world of wine, and I've been lucky enough that it's brought me to some amazing places in the world. With Steemit being such a great social platform, I figured I'd take the opportunity to share my experiences with all of you!

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I currently work as a sommelier, and one of my favourite things about my job is educating people (guests or staff) about wine. Any excuse to talk about wine, I'm there! But, as much as I like to talk about it, I definitely don't have all the answers. To be honest, no one ever will. You can read all the textbooks and see all the places, but it's an ever-changing industry and can sometimes be hard to keep up with.

Even with that said, I've made (and am still making!) a serious effort to learn as much as I can, and that's where the travel portion of my wine life comes into play. I wanted to go to all these places I was reading about and see it all first hand. So that's what I started doing! I can't wait to start sharing it with all of you! :)

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Congrats on taking the first step and joining the community. I wish everything work out for you.😉

Welcome here!))

welcome to steemit jen


A BIG warm welcome to Steemit! I am sure you are going to absolutely enjoy the Steemit platform.👍 Please let me know if I can be of future help with Steemit. I truly hope Steemit exceeds all your expectations!👍

Hello, welcome and salut

Welcome Jen! :D

Looks like you can't start steemit without a hundo post :) back in the day when we did intro posts it would be less then $1 lol


:D I feel you. It is great to see her having success and it is funny to see this party! But come on, 200$+ every post only because it is a good looking woman and wine. The world is so predictable. Brb, googling sex reassignment surgery whilst drinking wine


What's a hundo post?


I don't have any hundo posts :(

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

Then become a party with the first post.

@travelingsomm welcome to steem!

Thats a dream job, I will love to read your adventures!

Jen, Welcome.. looking forward to see some interesting posts from a wine lover. Would love to see a post on how you made the decision to become a sommelier. And your journey. Followed, upvoted and resteemed


he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

Welcome @travelingsomm. Seems you already made an excellent start in this platform. Keep on

Hi Jen, welcome to Steemit! I hope you have an amazing experience :)

BTW this is my first comment on Steemit!

Nice Start on your Career and a great way to get some STEEM POWER from the get go !!! Salud


Welcome to the Steemit! Amazing start for the first post. I hope you improve as this way.🤙 And i hope also we can improve together😄

Hi this is @sarahandrew, Welcome on steemit, if you need help you can check @steemguide. Wish you all the best for what you are expecting here

welcome to steemit, followed and upvoted! nice pics

Welcome to Steemit @travelingsomm & All the best!

I have always wanted someone to give me the download on the magic's of wine! I'm excited to see more posts! Followed, Upvoted and ReSteemed ❤️

Welcome to Steemit. Depending on only your experience and taste, could you share with me which country has the best wine?

welcome to steemit community... am sure you will enjoy it here. feel free to follow me @greatman4eva

Any local wine recommendations in Brazil? Here all week and happy to try a local drop!

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Wow. Welcome to steemit @travelingsomm . You've got yourself a great start. I posted my Introduction post about 2 days ago and it got hardly about 30 views. 😂


keep at it! the most important thing is quality posts and interacting authentically !


Yeah, I'm trying my very best in creating good posts. Thanks for the advice. Nice meeting you. :)

Welcome to steemit @travelingsomm 👍👍👍

Welcome to Steemit! All the best!

Hii jen nice to read about you,
Im khaleel from india,am also new on steemit and welcome you to.i have followed you please follow me .best of luck


welcome to steemit.
feel free to follow me @tachiraontop.

Welcome to steemit jen, cant wait to read about your experiences

Bienvenida a esta gran plataforma y muchos éxitos en sus publicaciones

Welcome to steemit

Hi, welcome my friend..

Welcome to Steemit @travelingsomm! You just had to put that wine glass on the intro haha. You will do well here, looking forward to your blogs!


Of course! But to be honest, it's usually a wine glass in my HAND. :) Thanks for the support!


Haha, cheers! 🍷🍷🍷


@stackin you are the man of the year. I must say i look up to you on this platform as a role model.

Permit me to use this medium to shout out to some folks like you too @surpassinggoogle

Best of luck, sounds like a wonderful way to live :)

You are up to level 49 on your first post, that awesome, welcome I live in Calgary but I've been to every province In Canada

Hey Travelingsomm, Welcome, feel free to follow me, and check out my new blow post here: I’m also a Newb here... 😊👍

Welcome! As a Frenchie and someone who of course loves wine do you have a preferred region of the world for wine production? Mine is the Rhone =)


I don't think I could pick just one!


Hi Jen!! Welcome to Steemit girl!! Looking forward to more of your posts :D
If you are interested in travel, I talk about it LOTS on my page, if you are interested.

Best wishes to you!!


hello welcome to steemit!!!!

follow me @mariaes

very impression your post, I really like, I want to like you what is its secret?

if you wish please visit my blog, i need your support .thank you

Hello! I am Kevin. I'm an online fitness coach :)
Follow me for a follow back and upvote.
Check out my posts and if you need a meal or workout plan, let me know :D

Welcome to Steemit! Wishing for your success here. :)

Hi Jen! Great first post, i'll definitely be following! I love my wine too and spent a year working in Margaret River, Western Australia working (but mostly drinking) on a vineyard there. Have a great day and welcome to the community! Cheers!

Welcome to Steemit. So it begins.....

Learning is something that can promote one's career as well as income generating opportunities. In other words, learning promotes both knowledge and wealth. This is what is happening to steemians. we are earning as well as being enlightened with what is going around the universe. Thanks for sharing.

Wow.. i was blown away with this newly posted #introduceyourself post. How do you do it?

Hope you steemit makes your dream come true sister

Hey wine girl, you made such an inspirational introduction.The specified matters are very clear and understandable.From this introduction post, i cleary understand your profile but if you can provide more details , that will be much more appreciable and interesting.

Hi Jen!

Welcome to Steemit. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

Heyy. Nice post. And youre cute too.

Welcome to Steemit @travelingsomm!
What a great start it is for you. Amazing! 😊

Your welcome to this wonderful community, glad you're here to share your wine experience with us. Keep steeming hot.

Welcome! Really great first post! :)

bonjour bienvenue ma cherie

really a great job .. I am amazed with the achievement of you, my brother. I want to absorb knowledge from you, but I can only read through your posts only

Hi. We are waiting your articles. And If you come to my country (Turkey), I want to drink wine with you. :)

good for you to have a job that you like and can stop to smell the roses (notes of the grapes/wine)

Welcome to steemit, have a good time here, nice to meet you.

Welcome :) May the force be with you <3

Welcome Jen A.K.A @travelingsomm to #steemit community
Looking forward for more posts about you and your travel experience.
God bless!

Welcome to Steemit, @travelingsomm!

hey there, welcome to the platform. not sure if i've seen another sommelier here so that would be super niche if you start doing wine reviews or stuff like that here.

Hi Jen,

Welcome to this world.

I agreed with your statement that no one have answers of all questions but you can cover most of them with your experience, So I wish you good luck in the field of Wine and I hope you will play a better role to educate people.

Have a good weekend.

Welcome !

Welcome to @steemit. inspire and be inspired.

stay blessed

hello @introduceyourself and welcome to steemit!

this is a great place with a great community .. glad to have you.

Best wishes and Good luck for u

Hi sis @travelingsomm welcome to steemit family

Welcome to Steem! Wine is such a relaxing thing and I can't imagine! You are so lucky!

Welcome to steemit! Where are you from?

Hi Jen! Welcome to Steemit. Have a nice journey ahead, Keep posting.

Welcome to steemit! I am such a wine novice that any help is much appreciated haha. Look forward to seeing more of your content and I hope you find the steemit community to your liking. Kindest regards.

Hey welcome to Steemit! Its a great place hope you will enjoy here !! I am too newbie here !!
I have followed you on Steemit, please be kind enough to follow me as well.Enjoy Steemit !! Good luck!!Following your post!!

Well, then I'll have a drink to your success!
It'll have to be grape juice though, alcohol tastes like poison to me😜

Welcome to steemit jen! Looking forward to hearing from your travel stories and learn more about wine... I should as my hometown is very famous for its wine but I don't know much about it haha :D

your post title won me!!! :) I love to travel and wine!!!! good luck and be in touch

And resteem!!

Welcome to Steemit Community

welcome to steemit, hope you can provide the best for steemit and produce quality work

Welcome. I will be happy to see the experiences you want to share with us

Welcome to Steemit! Excited for your posts and to learn a thing or two. Expand my palate please! =] 🍷

Welcome to the Steemit community, I hope you have a lot of success!

Welcome to Steemit sis Jen 💕

So...what's your favorite then? And...welcome! :-)

Welcome to Steemit @travelingsomm. Enlighten me about the wine industry. There's so much about wine that I want to know. hehehe

Best regards,

Nice post and welcome to this fabulous platform, I'm new here myself and would appreciate a follow, you can check me out here

Welcome. Glad you joined in. Will look foward to learning from and with you.

Welcome to Steemit travelingsomm. Let me know if you got any questions about Steem/Steemit. The official FAQ can be found here and is quite extensive - Also, Steemit is just one of the sites using Steem the blockchain. We also have Dtube, Dsound and Steepshot if you prefer videos,music or pictures instead of blogging content. And many more of course!

Hello @travelingsomm and welcome! Great post! Have you ever tried one of Croatian wine?

Hi! welcome to steemit. I'm also new here. Btw I like wine. What's the best affordable wine? and what's your favorite wine?.

Hey Jen! Welcome to Steemit. I'm new here, too. I'm a wine writer - glad to have you here and look forward to reading what you share! Cheers.

Welcome to steemit, good way to start .
success and congratulations.

Hello and welcome to Steem. I gave you a follow.

Wellcome to this great community! I feel that since today you spend more time in this platform i mean rather than the others