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Hello beautiful/handsome steemians, I joined steemit some days back and I can say I'm really pleased to be here.
Today I want to introduce a part of me that many didn't know about. I'm a poet and I hope y'all will enjoy this piece.

The incense burned
With your skin.
The silk of your hair
That shines in a sheen.
Your twinkling brown eyes
purged my soul.
I think I enjoy purgatory.
History in scars.
Imperfection in blemish.
Her smile, her crinkle,
My O My! So ravishing!

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The bloody knee won't move
These mouth won't pause
Why won't the time unstop?
This is an African woman's curse!

Beware of her beautiful glides
Look into her eyes
And make sure you mouth an
"I Love You" before you slide.
Her insides.
Her African insides, are divine.
Instance ecstatic swine!

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You are a swine!
Snort into her dirty cleanliness
Her caramel-ish goddity
Leaves me without sense.

Let me rephrase the sentence.
My breathing is nonexistent,
With her saddled hips on my lengthy tense.

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Pretty nice..😊😊


Thanks a bunch

I enjoyed reading your post,welcome to steemit


Thanks a bunch hunie

Yeah,African women are indeed always beautiful


We are

Welcome to Steemit..Beautiful poem.


I appreciate

welcome to steemit


Welcome to the best community ever which values our hardwork . Hope you'll have good time here. Gud people are waiting for you... Feel free to share what you like with me and be in touch @sarinakhan


Thanks a bunch
I appreciate

beautiful and nice poem QUEEN!
do the same for me please!im new to this just made an introductory post only kinda need some support too!

😊welcome!follow me, good

There is a lot of beauty here. The silk of hair is to die (dye) for. Love your poetry and the photos, too.


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