I never knew crypto-currency was capable of these things but Glad I found Steemit

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It was near impossible to entice me into bitcoin. It took nearly 2 years of hearing it on the news and having friends talk about it that I finally jumped in and got some from my brother. I watched the price move up and down daily and I thought - big deal?

Now came along steemit and I'm blown away that crypto can do this. I've never been a blogger or anything and never saw the hype with facebook or myspace - almost like it was all self serving. It had to be, other than keeping up with friends, you only battle for likes. People will post toxic stuff on there with the occasional - pray for my family - yet two weeks before you were making fun of people at walmart.

Anyway, enough complaining. I'm HAPPY I found steemit and it seems like a great place to not only receive news. But gain stuff from exploring other peoples thoughts and ideas.

Maybe down the road we can create groups and share like ideas in more private. Or choose charities to donate together - rather than click a post to like it. You click a charity to donate towards a cause. I always thought that was a great way and EASY way for people to do more. Seems like Steemit could be the source that could front something like that.

What do you guys think? I'm glad I found a home here.

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