Who is @theUXyeti - I thought I'd open up to you guys!

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Introduce Yourself

Nine months later I think i can finally do this. I had a tough time acclimating to this platform but now that I'm fully invested in the community here and contributing my skill set here to help educate new Steemians it makes sense to finally post the answers to these questions i was asked 9 months ago on

Who is @theUXyeti!

1. Photo of me!


2. Something Crazy of me...

I part time work in Hawaii, so I try to do Kokohead Stairs of Doom Frequently. This used to take about an hour to go up because it's so steep and down about 25-35 minutes depending on your legs. Finally I've managed to get conditioned to do it around 35 minutes up and 9-11 mins down.


3. Who are you?

I am a Tallahassee, Florida Native that transplanted to Nebraska for College, then back to Florida and then to Los Angeles California for my career in UX / UI Design of 15 years. I have worked for NASA, Disney, Big Agencies, Gov't Contracts, Small Startups you name it I've proabably worked in that sector before. Moved to Hawaii for a few years to work UX there, then back to Los Angeles, CA where i am now.


4. What makes your heart smile

Thats an easy one... Rescuing dogs, and participating when able at the events and going to shelters to film dogs and post video and pictures on my social media platforms. We've managed to rescue 2 dogs this year as well as get 1 fostered.


5. How did you get on Steemit?

Thats an easy one as well. My Design friend of almost 10 years Kory AKA @Fame360 He led me to this platform not knowing i was looking to build a website blog, and instantly i was hooked because i wanted a way to voice my thoughts, have a community to follow and comment and in the process establish value in my posts unlike most social platforms.


6. Where do you want to die?

Somewhere peaceful hopefully. I would want it to be instant or fast. But i would most definitely want it to be near people i loved, people that loved me, or doing something i absolutely love and for me that is Scuba diving.

7. When's the last time you cried?

Last year in 2017, my uncle Tom and my Grandma Arline died within two weeks of each other. First grandma... here im giving a speech about the memories i had with her through my youth to as an adult. We joined a bowling league together. And then my Uncle, who was an epic technologist when it came to machines and honestly was a gateway into me exploring tinkering, electronics, and innovating.


8. What's something you DON'T like like about all this new technology?

Invasion of privacy and machine learning... Although it can be for the GOOD, and can be for the Empire lol... and i say this loosely as in the Amazon Empire or Google Empire... For all the Voice Activated Siri's and Alexa's that are listening by a command word, you gotta think that even though its not activated by a keyword the devices could still be listening and charting data for these big mogul empires. Think of a device even in the off position, still transmitting conversations bc you "allowed" lol

I always think of "Firefly", here


9. What mistake do you keep making and why?

Eating badly. As I've aged, im 41 now, I've tried hard to cut back on the bad stuff, fast food, and work out more. Little did I know that its much harder to lose as your older and eating is a big part of it, but 1 cheat day seems to be 3 days these days lol .... I'm now on a keto / Intermittent Fasting Diet and am posting weekly blogs of the progress.


10. What's the best advice you have ever gotten?


11. If there was something you could un-do, what would it be?

To not use credit cards so badly. Telling yourself you will pay it back over 10 years and here im 9k in the hole. lol... I wish i could have taught myself better money management. Thanks to @davemccoy who has helped me meet my goals and im quickly progressing forward to a better situation.

11. Imagine that you magically have the ability to keep being alive without sleep what would you do with the extra time?

Figure out a way to sleep. i love sleeping it refreshes you.

12. What's the stupidest thing you've done that actually turned out pretty well?

Another easy one... Tkaing 3rd place in the Blazin' Wings Challenge at Wild Wings even though for some reason I thought it'd be a great way to get the crowd enthusiastic by putting Blazing sauce on my face, only to realize from the sweat of it being so hot it ends up getting in my eyes and im blinded for about 20 minutes lol


13. What makes your belly ache with laughter?

Honestly as a designer and developer I can always get a laugh from the rage quit meme (fuuuuuuuu meme) lol If you dont know it... google (fuuuuu meme) and read the comic strips. they kill me


14. Tell us about 1 significant event in your life that really made you who you are.

I hate to bring it up but i was on Big Brother 8 for CBS in 2007. I made it to the end and lost on the last day for a prize of $500,000 dollars. I lost to the most vile opponent and had i won the last round of questions i would have won unanimously. It was a great experience, and only ENHANCED my personality. I realized that who i am as a person, man, friend, companion all helped shape me 10 years later because of that experience.

15. What would be the scariest monster you could imagine?

Not really into scary... but anything by Clive Barker is pretty foul.

16. What does Steemit mean for you?

For me, it's really an outlet for me to be me. When Big Brother ended i had 15,000 myspace emails to sift through including marriage proposals and people telling me i was the key to Arkansas. I had almost 2 million friends and then facebook took over. Social Media overrun the world and i checked out for years. I just wanted to be me without all the people in it and their ponts of view and crap... Steemit for me is about me being me, and talking about whatever drives me and allows me to share it with people that appreciate me and what i post. I love that whatever my rating or followers here, its organic... at least i hope it is. My hope is to thrive in this community though its very difficult to understand how to get started. For me I'm hoping this avenue and post will help encourage people to reach out, follow and comment as Id love to establish a presence. I'm very proud of my acheivements so far here as well.


Just to list a few

Other Contributions to Steemians and Steem Projects

I built the UI for https://thegoodwhales.io/index.html
I QA'ed on @fredrikka @steempress logo to assist in perception checks
I QA'ed on @fundition to assist @hightouch on his responsive design across mobile functionality
I QA'ed a touch on @transisto application in the works
I QA'ed a touch on @blocktrades application. Just helping where i can, when i can.
I am a game designer assisting the build of @steemmonsters under @yabapmatt and @aggroed
I've become a member of @timcliff 's Steem Economy website https://steemeconomy.com/the-ux-yeti/
I've QA'ed a touch on @dtube and with @heimindanger on some functional issues with dtube
I've QA'ed a touch on @dlive discussing mobile uploading conflicts and live streaming
I've QA'ed on @smartsteem with @therealwolf finding issues, typos, functionality conflicts on that application
Created a discord of 50 users to discuss new features UI for Steem application UI under Sugarsteem. https://discord.gg/RAHDtzt
Been invited to join the Steemdev Slack Channel to contribute growth value to steem and steemit. Along this journey I have met amazing people I'm hoping are attending the event. People like @lukestokes, @acidyo, @themarkymark, @gtg, @pfunk, @howo, @elear, @roelandp, @blocktrades, @followbtcnews & @transisto just to name a few. I feel like all of you have been a significant part of my growth here on Steem.

17. What would you like your last meal to be?

First thing that comes to mind is an old Tallahassee locals only spot called Guthries Chicken Fingers. Fried chicken, orida fries, garlic toast and cole slaw with some secret thousand island sauce that is really really good. I could totally eat that.


18. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Well they do say your Porno name is your first street you lived on followed by the first pet name you had... so if that was me my new name would be




19. If you could be an animal for a day, what animal would you be? why?

Easy... anything in the ocean... I have a dolphin tribal tattoo, a momento from an art class design in college so I'd have to pick a dolphin because they are fast, and can cruise all over.


20. Which person inspires you the most and why do they inspire you?

Probably my dad. Smartest man i know, calmest in the fear of bad news and knows how to handle it well. Analytical, Precise, Photo memory, really bright in literature, history and seems to remember everything. Is my go to for medical advise, my go to for life conversations, spiritual growth and all around bad ass.


21. What are you insecure about?

Failing... I fail often, but the recovery sometimes eats away at me. So when i fail or I don't understand most of the time I push through but there ARE times were i let the fear of failing win.


22. Describe your ideal life.

I had 50% of it. I was living in hawaii working on UX. but i didnt have the girl, i was totally isolated and it was difficult sharing life and memories within a tourist community ostracized by passive aggressiveness and being the minority. If i could find the girl, and a few aligned interests with others I'd move back and that'd be the place to be. Now I have the girl and im not there. Hopefully soon I can take her there and potentially we will be there 100%. It's a spiritual and enchanting place to really grow and discover life and how amazing the earth really is.


23. Have you ever saved someone's life?

Yes i have. Or at least contributed. I've worked on Scuba boats in Hawaii where we've had a couple of close calls with recreational divers misrepresenting there skill levels or medical clearances causing unsafe conditions and resulting in very close calls on a few.

24. What do other people think is weird about you?

Probably that for some reason i resemble Shrek lol


25. What do you think is one of the best things about you?

I've always got an objective point of view to bounce anything off of. In my field you have to be for UI/UX but overall Im always going to give you both sides to the response to help you assess things better. The more information you can have the better you can get to the solution.

26. What's one responsibility you really wish you didn't have?

Paying bills ever... i mean it'd be great to not have to worry every month about certain bills. My hope is that my Steem persona may assist me in this added worry.

27. If you had a personal flag, what would be on it?

Id have my logo for www.theUXyeti.com aka www.instagram.com/thetravelyeti on a scuba flag.


28. If a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for?

lol I'd rather answer this with a joke... and so it goes...
Same question to 3 rednecks in the desert lol...
Redneck 1: a barrel of water
Redneck 2: 3 barrels of water
Redneck 3: A car door so if i get too hot i can just roll the window down.
LMAO... so stupid but i bet you laughed a bit lol

29. What do you think about when you're by yourself?

Hawaii, Diving, Organic content for my Steem blog and placing my carbon footprint here to help the community. Im always thinking about new innovations and writing things down. I am a Venture Capitalist's dream prodigy. If only there were Big VC's out there that really wanted to improve the world, please inquire within.

30. What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

When i heard this questions instantly I thought of that pizza commercial...

31. Who is the person you trust most...

My best friend Rage! Rage Day! Epic person and my best friend of all time. Im 41, he's 56. We met in the Club scene in Hollywood. He was very over the top with his entrance to clubs. Think Dennis Rodman clashing with Boy George wardrobe and you have Rage. I was an event promoter at the time. It was a crazy time 10 years ago. My have we changed and grown up. lol. It's always nice to have someone that will always have your back, tell you if you screwed up, and allow you to learn from it.


32. Whats your Favorite word?

Either Dude or Aloha... I've always been a surfer, diver and beach type so it tends to be something that i just say. I know the name "aloha" stuck because i tend to wear the cheap $5 Aloha hats while diving from the ABC stores. I would always lose hats on the boats from them zipping through the water, so eventually people started calling me "aloha".


33. If you had 25 minutes to do anything you wanted without external consequences what would you do?

Take my wife Scuba Diving. She is deathly afraid of the water, go figure. I would love to take her underwater to explore and see all the amazing things that SCUBA allows you to see, not to mention allows you to see about what you're made of. I've seen big sharks, blue whales, sunfish, whalesharks, sea kelp forests, undewater cemmetaries, so many wonders and so exhilerating.


34. Who are your Fave Steemians and why?

There are So Many to Count...

@blocktrades for having the patience to educate me on job opportunties and challenge me intellectually
@overkillcoin for onboarding me with stellar infographics. An instant connection in design we shared.
@socky for interesting conversations about Steem and aligned interests
@davemccoy for assistance with financial planning, steem monsters, and an unbiased opinion in conversations
@fulltimegeek and @patrice for onboarding delegation assistance and patience educating me on Steem.
@acidyo and @anomadsoul for allowing me to assist on a project in UX / UI
@ausbitbank for understanding what it means to be a father to his kids, an ear to conversation and a great friend
@yabapmatt for including me on an epic project @steemmonsters as a team member in game design, as well as always supporting me in my blog, educating me on Steem best practices and consistently challenging me to be sharper.
@aggroed for always having a warm heart towards my family, slowing down his crazy days to have discussions with me, and always making himself available if I have questions about anything. A great friend as well.
@v4vapid a total stand up illusive gent whom loves to surf and chat about beach and travel. I've grown to see a side of this guy beyond his posts here. Fun to chat with.
@cryptooctopus has been supportive of my @sugarsteem series from the beginning with technical prowess and assistance. I'd never be able to evolve my presence in the community if it weren't for him
@themarkymark for being my first friend on the steem platform educating me on Steem and finding aligned interests in gaming, tv, films, and technology
@krnel for supporting @sugarsteem and some witty banter about conversations on discord
@followbtcnews for having common interests in the reality tv world and crypto currencies interests.
@lukestokes for helping me establish a UX presence within Steemit and providing opportunity for future projects to come
@gtg for being supportive towards my tech posts and always has a constructive comment to help forward progress
@timcliff for adding me to the job board list on his website to expose my contributions to this team
@roelandp a recent new friend that shows me what it truly means to be a Steemian. If there was ever a paladin class in the Steem world he would be my choice. Great guy, overall always bettering Steem and backs it up. Class Act
@danielsaori for always putting others before himself and allowing to educate me on the witness program and still taking the time to slow his day down to assist me
@whatsup heard him on a discord radio show and instantly connected. This guy has strong opinions and is always reliable to comment on your posts if he's into the topic.
@tibra for integrating me into his technical world and also contributing great ideas to the feature sets for Sugarsteem
@swolesome always supports me, has interesting things to say and had a great online game goin' for a while.
@freedomexists for always adding me to his radio show. if interested check him out
@shadowspub for always including me on her show as well. check her out also
@ma1neevent and @snekky had I never been offered to speak on the radio show they had I wouldn't have met @aggroed. Great show as well
@therealwolf for always answering my tech steem questions and being a straight shooter
@glenalbrethsen stand up commentor always something funny to say and keep you smiling
@fredrikka has always been active and responsive and we share a lot of science and innovation for Steem.

If I missed anyone I'm sorry, those were the people that came to mind off the top of my head for these questions.


35. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Indecent exposure... I tend to streak or drop pants if whiskey is close by. damn you whiskey lol

36. When you looked in the mirror first thing this morning, what was the first thing you thought?

NFL is Starting in a week. It's about time. Im so sick of this english blokes at work telling me soccer is the real sport. Are you kidding me? NFL is where it really is :)

Patriots Football today! Cmon BRADY!


37. What's the most ridiculous fact you know?

That an average mosquito as 23 teeth according to Snapple lol.

38. What is something that you just recently realized that you are embarrassed you didn't realize earlier.

That i now have nose hair lol totally sucks... first thing i want lasered off if i can ever afford it.

39. What is your nickname?

Thats easy... A L O H A or Yeti.

Yeti logo.gif


Thank You Steemians!

I am humbly thankful to have the supportive Steemians that share a vision for growth within this community through votes, shares, comments and moral support. I am truly thankful for everyone that supports my posts and ambition to help build this community. I add you guys below because there is still a fundamental feature missing on these platforms to provide notification and timely exposure to organic content.


@cryptoctopus, @transisto, @donkeypong, @totolina, @arama, @analisa, @sykochica, @inquiringtimes, @demotruk, @z8teyb289qav9z, @fulltimegeek, @eroche, @ausbitbank, @drakos, @wesleybos, @bestbroplayer, @danielsaori, @whatsup, @arcange, @ilanaakoundi, @hr1, @makerhacks, @davemccoy, @protegeaa, @blocktrades, @ebargains, @jamesbrown, @deanliu, @fabien, @drmake, @patrice, @sift666, @coffeex, @abh12345, @overkillcoin, @wackou, @therealwolf, @xaero1, @fredrikaa, @lrock, @playitforward, @mod-tamichh, @noboxes, @aggroed, @kodaxx, @dbzfan4awhile, @teamhumble, @kimzilla, @scorer, @shawnvanderveer, @dshelton32, @yabapmatt, @slickwilly, @edwardlewis, @geofftk, @socky, @bbrewer, @etcmike, @austinhopper, @alexis555, @bue, @protegeaa, @fminerten, @steempty, @stephen.king989, @ma1neevent, @spydo, @dedicatedguy, @personz, @v4vapid, @totolina, @leeuw, @morseke1, @cryptocat, @mes, @poeticsnake, @princessmewmew, @spiritualmax, @edb1984, @remcovdpluijm, @eeks, @clayford08, @etcmike, @mattclarke, @datascience, @netuoso, @followbtcnews, @brandonp, @steempty, @fminerten, @shadowspub, @ammonite,


How to find me
Steemit: www.steemit.com/@theUXyeti
Steemit: www.steemit.com/@sugarsteem
Discord SugarSteem: https://discord.gg/WspdjKQ
Discord: TheUXyeti or TheUXyeti#5698
Dlive Channel: https://dlive.io/@theuxyeti
IG: thetravelyeti
Twitter: www.twitter.com/@zachsbb8

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Awesome 😎
This is most likely in the Top3 of late introduction posts that I know of. 😂 But it was more than a standard intro post. It was great to read about who you are and what steemit has done for you so far. Keep it up!


Yes i think i just needed ppl to really understand who i am

Awesome... this is a very awesome introduction and you are doing really well @theuxyeti! You have tons of talent and a great set of friends and contacts, and a new lovely wife to go with it all! Keep it up and congrats on everything!


Thank you Dave. Means a lot!

Nice getting to know you here! I eat horribly too and I need to stop ASAP. lol

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Wow! Very impressive 'introduce yourself' post @theuxyeti. That 10 min video from Big Brother made my stomach turn. That's craziness holy! And, the most i've ever watched of that show. Eventhough my sisters adore it. There must have been something else of your blogs regarding caught my eye! Which is why i follow you --just don't recall what that is atm. Great to get to know you! All the best to you! Steem on!


Thank you! Great response

I've been on steemit for over 2 years and I know that is the longest and most elaborate intro I have seen. Very well done. Oh btw, did you get to keep the bunny suit? You rocked that!


Lol i wish. It was a rental from their universal studios client so sadly gave it back 😂

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Welcome to Steem, @theuxyeti!

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Re: #9 .. If you're so inclined search for "Bullet Proof Executive" Kind of changes how you look at what you're consuming which in turn changes (for me anyway) what I consume, why and when. #helpful
PS - You're my first follow here 😃


Thank you for the resource I’ll check it out

Splendid, thank you very much for al your answers. Very much appreciated.


awesome, thanks for reading

Really impressed with your UX work experience. Already thinking about how I can expand mine. Thank you one more time.


hey feel free to reach out about what you've been working on. Happy to always discuss UX and work. Would love to. I love it.

Excellent intro post. Really positive :thumbsup:

Agree entirely about the privacy issues, though my research is related to AI.

Didn't know you had 2 million followers on Myspace.

Story. When Myspace and Facebook came out, was publishing in print and didn't think much about it. Had websites. (Slipped my mind that most people didn't and that such platforms, as communication amplifiers, would be big.)

Then suddenly there was only Facebook. I traveled often; and it kept disabling my account. "New" location ... As if for security. (Darkly humorous, considering Facebook sells my personal info to all and sundry, so the only one who couldn't access it was ... me!) Used it less; then stopped using Facebook. Those with whom I interacted with mostly had better ways to communicate anyway.

When Steem appeared, saw it was immutable. I thought, that's a good basis on which to interact, do social media once more. And here we are - talking.


thats true. I still have facebook for family and friends. i have IG but use it less and less bc of Steem. Were still building SugarSteem UI so not to worry there will be another platform to use as well. Ive been updated with @beggars and we will have it out soon. If you have dev skills we'd love the help. thanksf or your upvote and continued support on my posts and projects way cool dude.

Great boss, really amazing.


thanks for reading :)

Hello theeuxyeti, welcome to Steemit. I will be following your work, Please feel free to check out my work and follow me. perhaps we can converse on each other works.