My First Post and Plans For @thepoliticalpost !!!

This is a glorious day as I am so thrilled to be on Steemit! First, a little bit about me, then I will tell you about some exciting news for this page!
I am a political junkie who can't get enough of the daily insanity that the Trump administration has turned the media into, on all sides. I consider myself a fiscal conservative but socially liberal, meaning, shrink the government, let people keep more of their paycheck, and stay out of everyone's bedrooms. What people want to do on their own time or in their own house, good for them.

I believe very strongly in our military, police, fire, and first responders. They are heroes. But the biggest hero in someone's life shouldn't be an athlete or movie star, it should be their parent. And I am a proud father of a 5th grade daughter.
Now the EXCITING NEWS! I am partnering up with @notmorningjoe to give you the best Political Podcast Every Day! Although we will tackle serious topics, we will do so in a fun and entertaining way. My co-host was heavily involved in the Mitt Romney campaign of 2012 and is a small business owner. I work in media and we both have strong opinions, and we surely don't always agree.

Our first "PolitiCast" will be out tomorrow night. In the meantime, we will be writing blogs everyday and would appreciate your feedback and support. The future is bright and I look forward to meeting you all!

Ooo I like the sound of this! I need something less depressing to listen to than my current list of podcasts!
I studied political science, and thought that's what I wanted to do, but I got burnt out after actually working with politicians and as precinct committeeman. So. Much. Infighting. I took a brief break, but I still find myself wanting to be in the know and discuss politics as much as possible.

I am more like you, except lean a bit more conservative libertarian. My husband on the other hand is a far left democrat. hilarity ensues

I am looking forward to this podcast! Welcome!

I'm praying for your husband. :-)

I'm sure Hilary will be mentioned a time or two on the PolitiCast 👌

It wouldn't be a political podcast without her! I'm excited for tomorrow! :)

We don't always agree? Thats putting it lightly. Can't wait for our first meeting of the minds tomorrow night.

Trump will provide plenty of material!

Have any advice for those of us who are scared to tune into the news anymore? I'd rather just hide in a cave for the next three years.

That is because the news rarely is actual news. Its all commentary. Its all Ted Turner's fault.

lol. You're right, it is all commentary, and their daily goal is to figure out how best to scare the shit out of anyone and everyone watching/reading/listening.

I like where this is going.