The Mind of Mark - Let me Introduce Myself

Hello Fellow Steemians!

I am quite excited to join you all here on Steem, and especially to be sharing my art, experiences, and adventures. Think part travel blog, part photography channel, part quixotic adventures through the mundane and mysterious. Here's a picture of the aspens turning color in Colorado... for no apparent or relevant reason other than I was inspired to break up this introduction with a very yellow image. Yellow!


A little more about me. I have a BA and MA in English with focuses on Philosophy, Literature, and Film. I worked as a Professional Writing Consultant and Instructor at the university level teaching Composition and Rhetoric and Introduction to Film. After a short stint in academia, I was compelled to explore the world and hit the road with an 80L backpack, best friend, and a bunch of preconceived notions. My computer and camera kept him afloat for the better part of 3 years while he journeyed, journaled, took pictures, designed websites, and learned what the world was really about. The ocean was my first true love, and I will be sharing many more photos of the water and things that dwell there, both human and otherwise. Many more photos to come. Carry on until next time!



Hi @themindofmark! :) Welcome... even though you've been here awhile by now... Love your two pics here, and envious of both - no autumn here, lol... Just hot and rain, and definitely not having surfed before - I'm green with envy! Look forward to your posts... :))

Hi @ackhoo! Thanks, I appreciate it :) I am jealous that you are in Bali! We are actually thinking about adventuring there soon! Also looking forward to your future posts!

Haha... Was in Bali... about 3 months ago! Am home in Malaysia now... But still have lots of great memories and photos from there... Would definitely want to go back soon!! :)

Hey I was nominated for the B&W photo challenge and nominated you... if you haven't already done it you should partake! Cheers! Hope that all is well on your end.

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you enjoy it here! You can find anything you desire here! Love the surfing pic!

Thank you! Very much appreciated. Cool. Was taken in Mexico - had a GoPro mounted on the end of my surf board. Fun stuff - will post more in the future. Thanks for the comment and vote.

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Hey , how are you ?
welcome to steemit @themindofmark
following you now. :D
follow me back pls.

Hi @themindofmark and welcome here on this platform. I wish you all the best for the future, lots of upvotes and don't give up ;) The beginning is not too easy. I am beginner too. I will follow you. Greetings from Ulaanbaatar, Silbart.

Hey @silbart - thanks! I appreciate it. I followed you as well. I am happy with putting out good content and photos and seeing what happens. Hopefully I can get a following and go from there. Also wishing you luck and tons of upvotes. Cheers!

Thank you @themindofmark See you soon ;)

Good intro @themindofmark . The aspens pic was cool, but the surfing one is better! You'll find each day has a color challenge for photos. I think yellow is Thursdays.

It takes a lot of work or a bit of luck to make it here, but eventually those who stick around dow well. Look for a community on Discord to join like ours and network with people to help build your account quicker. Best of luck and welcome to the party!

Thanks @steemitbc! I appreciate the tips and will look out for the color challenges! Will look into linking up on Discord - good to be here and will keep an eye out for what you all have going on. Cheers!

A new Steemian ^^ hello @themindofmark I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

Thank you and will follow back! Much appreciated! Cheers.

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