Introduce Yourself .... Who am I?

Who am I? Introduce yourself? Ironically it is one of the most important posts here on however it can sometimes be one of the most difficult and intriguing to write. It gives you some time to sit down and reflect on who actually you are. And this is the moment I m actually in, sitting on a couch and thinking....who am I? How best can I describe myself and explain to you in one paragraph over 30 years of my life and how all my events have moulded me into whom I have become and who I will be. I live on a small island with a population of approximately 420,000.... an island where ever you go you are sure to meet people and surely someone who know thus I like to socialise with people and going out with friends. Our weather is extreme weather and mostly sunny days whole year round ..... therefore I like going out in the evening and in any free time that I have. Given we are surrounded by the sea, and the island is considered as one of the best diving places in Europe, I like diving. I did almost 25 years in Scouting and as a result I became fond of adventure and discovering new things. Camping, trekking and cooking outside became my life as a result of scouting and which also thought me another valuable lesson....that you should never be afraid of anything in life. Since I was young, every two years or so, my parents used to take the whole family abroad, around Europe given the high prices to travel in the past and thus this is how travelling became a true amazement for me. To finance our travels as a family, we used to host tourists visiting our country at our house, which resulted in meeting a number of travelers and listening to their story or version of life and how they live in their country back home. This made me think of other cultures and experiences other people have. It initiated the interest I have in discovering how other people live and their customs. Travelling in Europe wasn’t enough and when I earned enough money through working I started travelling further away in Asia and South America. Therefore I consider myself as a traveler. When I started getting out of my comfort zone to experience new things, I initiated the next phase of my life, the adventure phase. This phase, also known as the YOLO (You Only Live Once) phase started when I wanted more in life. When I did my first skydiving, even though afraid of planes; climbing, even though afraid of heights; traveled alone in India and Nepal for the first time, even though afraid of loneliness; meeting new people and making new friends both locally and foreigners. Nowadays, in 2018 following all my events in my life have led me to this point in which my passion is the following: I love life and look at it as a whole adventure keeping in mind that we only have one change to live at it and thus need to make the most out of it. As a result, I like camping, travelling, hiking, nature, scenery, diving,kayaking, going out, and meeting people and more to come.

I will be uploading some of my past adventures or travels as well as any future ones :-) So keep in touch for more to come!!






Wow cool !
I like to travelling post :)
i would follow you ^^
welcome to steemit!

Great Thanks ... will be doing the same.

Thanks will surely do.

yolo live every moment of your life meaningful

yes, really like the phrase!!! Gives more meaning to life :-)

When you start doing something passionately, you start living it and you did it! You are living fully in the way you want, how you want just like you said you only live once! 😄 sounds hedonistic, but we should all live like that

Thanks the best thing in life is doing what you really want to do in life :-)

welcome join steemit, give your imagination here.

Thanks will surely try my best :-)

Welcome to Steemit, nice blog following you, You can also follow me

Hello @themalteser!
Welcome to steemit. I wish you a pleasant stay on the platform. I also just joined less than 24 hours ago and so I am just like you. It is really great to be connected to a traveler like you on steemit. I hope to read more on your future travel exploits. A friend gave me a link to check for my stat and feel like sharing it with you too since I believe it will be helpful to you. Here is it
I just followed you now and gave you an upvote. If you think my posts will be interested to you, you can as well follow me back. I wish you the best. Emmanuel

Surely will be doing the same ... will be following and upvoting :-)

Welcome to Steemit. It seems like your living in a very beautiful country @themalteser

Yes. Happy to be born here!!

Thanks nice posts too you!!!

Hello! Welcome to steemit I like your introduction coz i love travelling. I will follow you to know where you going someday. Good day and God bless.

Thanks. Will be following you too!!!

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