TheDashGuy is on Steemit aka the new Reddit aka Decentralized Social Media aka hell yea finally

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Also this was my first post ever.

Good Evening Steemit!

I am just going to go ahead and stay semi anonymous as is acceptable I'm sure and refer to myself as TheDashGuy as its the most well-known alias I have on these almighty interwebs. Feel free to scour my posts on reddit or visit my personalized dash website.

With that being said, I am a 26 year old crypto enthusiast who's been into Bitcoin since mid 2011 if I can remember correctly.. it's been far to long honestly and I had hope of Bitcoin passing the moon by now....but here we are!

I have always been a guy who likes to push the envelope since I was a youngster, from running the woods with my hand-carved stave that said "faster than a cheetah", to my years spent skipping class in middle school to play Final Fantasy 7 (still my favorite game ever), my choice to dropout of highschool and become a web designer and get 4 years of free college, to the fact I work in the legal pot industry in Seattle, Washington as a full-time marketer, web designer & consultant, I have always had an eye for the future. An eye for the trends. And an eye for what is right. I always have considered myself a person who wants to better the world however I can. And I believe that same concept has brought me here to steemit! This platform is absolutely wonderful!

I have been a web designer for a little over 10 years at this point in my life, and while I still love my job, I always find myself craving something more, something that fulfills my needs to "push the envelope" in life. Hence my passion for crypto currencies, legalization of cannabis, technology & life in general.

Some of the projects I have made in the dash community currently include:

I also do quite a bit of social media, marketing & graphic design as well, some of which found all around the web, hell i even submitted a Litecoin website rebranding back in 2012! That site STILL looks the same haha.

Anyways; I got into Dash because I got bored of the false claims we were ALL making about Bitcoin such as private, fast, instant, decentralized and beyond... And while Dash doesn't solve all of these painpoints for me it's a step in the right direction, so I jumped in 8 months ago, and quickly have become one of the more "popular" folks in the crowd, often clashing with the core team and such as some may have seen in the past, but I do it for the good of Dash overall in my opinion. We all should be playing our part in this financial revolution, as its better than any single crypto or protocol. Everyone has thier reason to like cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and my main reason is I want my kids to grow up a better more free world than I have. 


I also absolutely adore football (USA) and am an avid Seahawks fan since way before we we're good, I remember sitting through most games just hoping we could score some touchdowns let alone win, but look at us now! Going back to back to back super bowls! And yes I just said we'll be in the superbowl this year! Mark my words! We're taking it, and our offense is going to break records this year. Tom Brady will start showing his age, and the NFL will become a Seahawks fan club. <3 U NE Fans hehe

I hope to be able to contribute here as much as I have in the Dash ecosystem and help build out this wonderfully brilliant idea!

Its great to be here! Thanks! Hope I wrote a good intro lol.

Oh and I heard it helps to get a nice selfie so heres me and my girlfriend at Paradiso:

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Hello and welcome to Steemit!

I found this excellent site just a few weeks ago, as I was learning about crypto currencies. First I learned a bit about Bitcoin, then Ether and the DAO, then found this and have been busy reading and writing here since then. I would like to learn about other coins too, so I hope you can write something here about Dash.

I'm a football fan too -- of The Panthers! But I have a great friend in Seattle so I root for the 'hawks unless they are playing us. :-)

Good luck this season sir you shall need it! And tell Cam Newton to stop getting so mad when he loses! Can't win em all!

Hey, thanks for welcoming bravenewcoin to Steemit, I'm glad to have met you. I see you were involved with The Daily Decrypt web design, that show is responsible for cultivating my involvement in Crypto, when it stopped airing I was inspired to create my own show TheCryptoDrive, which led to blogging and now to my involvement with Steemit and Bravenewcoin, I basically have The Daily Decrypt and you to thank.

Ricardo Goncalves
BNC Steemit Community Manager

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That is some wonderful news and I appreciate that! But I could never take credit for Amanda's lovely show; all I can do is let you know to tune in every wednesday for Dash: Detailed :] And say thank you!

I will most definitely checkout the Dash : Detailed show, I watched an episode already.
:) What I like about Amanda, is her viewers get consistency, other daily as previous or now weekly.

"I always have considered myself a person who wants to better the world however I can." ... Amen to that!!!

I absolutely loved the daily decrypt! Favourite little crypto show to watch hands down.

As did I! hence the website donation!


Cool!!! That was a fun intro. I've got to check those sites.


Welcome!!!! : D