Let's Do The Introduction Post.😇😇

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Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

Guys i joined Steemit last year around mid june because of @jerrybanfield and at that time i literally don't know anything about Steemit and how this platform actually works and i was also very much exited because i really like the concept of Steemit and how we can get rewarded for writing articles and sharing important information on the platform,

And i just wanted to get started here and in that excitement i totally forgot to introduce myself to the community,so i think it's time to write something about me that will help you know more about me and my life and also about my Steemit journey.

1. My Real Name And Username Mistake On Steemit 😅😅 :-

So guys my real name is "Shiva Sharma" and my age is 21 and iam from "Jaipur (Rajasthan)" and joined Steemit 7 months ago,

You know many of my friends got a bit confused by my username because it looks like "thecryptotrader" but the "P" is missing in my Steemit username because when i was creating my new account on Steemit i really don't know that if we create an username on Steemit then we cannot change it later and at that time when i was creating my account i put "thecryptotrader" but that was not available and next time i again enter the same username but forgot to write"P" this time and that's how i became "thecrytotrader" 😅😅

2. My Hobbies :-

I have a lot of hobbies like :-

I really like cryptocurrency trading.
I like reading new informative articles about new technologies and innovations.
I like singing a lot.
I like interacting with new people.
I like making new friends.
I like playing video games.
I like daily workout in my gym because i don't want to become fatty again 😅.
I like eating Chocolates.

And above all that i like "Steemit" and it's really become my new hobby and i love using it more and more each day.

3. My family :-


Well i don't have a big joint family but iam happy with my small family and in my family i have My Mom, My Dad and My little Sister and my sister is also on Steemit her account name is @steemit-girl and she recently joined Steemit.

4. My Favourite Movies :-

Well i don't like watching movies a lot but their are some movies that i love to watch again and again whenever i got some free time and they are :-

Harry Potter Movies,
Lord Of The Rings,
Caption American Civil War,
THE Incredible Hulk,
Man of Steel.

And these are one of my favourite movies and i also like the Marvel's recent release "Black Panther" that was an awesome movie.

5. My Favourite Food :-

Well iam a big foodie and love to try different different tasty food items and iam also a pure vegetarian so no chicken and meat for me😅😅

I like fast-food a lot like :-

White Pasta,
Chinese Noodles,
Veg Cheese Sandwiches.

And a lot more other fast-food items.😅😅

6. What I learnt From Steemit :-

Well their are a lot of stuffs that Steemit teach me but one of the most important thing that i learnt is the power of friendship and mutual support because this community is totally based on the bond of friendship and mutual support and all users are like a member of steemit's big joint family and this is the biggest thing that i learnt by using Steemit.

7. My Experience On Steemit :-

Well my journey is quite great and i tasted both success and failure here because when i was new I don't know who flagged me but that flag dropped my reputation from 43 to 9 and that was the biggest disappointment for me but still i keep doing my work and reached 61,

So my journey was not easy but ya i enjoyed it because each mistake teach us something new,so i just keep doing mistakes and learnt from them.

8. My Friends On Steemit :-

I have a lot of friends on Steemit now and i really love to support my friends because they are with me in my good and bad days and keep me motivated everytime and give me good advices and suggestions for my Steemit posts.

Some of them are:-


And many more and all of them are really a good friend of mine and they support me alot amd for that i really wants to say thanks to all of them.

So guys this is my little introduction and i hope you enjoyed it and now you know me more better then before.

Guys Please tell me your valuable views about my introduction post in the comments below.

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Thanks For Reading My Post 😇😇


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Welcome to steemit! Enjoy your stay here!

Thanks buddy

Welcome to Steemit! :)

Thanks 😇

Hi there @thecrytotrader I'm glad that you were able to introduce yourself back, I hope that this is a great start for you to be more active on steemit. Wish you all the best and good luck! =)

Thanks for your kind words dear 😇

Hi Shiva! Happy to see your self-introduction. You have done a very good job. It ’s nice to get know more about you. 👏👍
Thanks for naming me as your friend.❤️
Keep going and good luck in steemit.
Btw you and your little sister are both cute.💐

Thanks a lot @amylee iam so happy that you like my introduction,😍😍

And you are really one of my friends that i love to talk a lot,

Thanks for your wishes and thanks for saying cute to both of us.

And You and Sandia also looks very very cute😄😄thanks again for this lovely comment mam.

Welcome on Steem @thecryptotrader! :P More seriously it's a pleasure to know you and read you on!

Hahaha that's really funny sir @teamsteem 😅😅 and thank you so much for all your wonderful work on Steemit

Hey @thecrytotrader. Nice to finally be introduced. Continue to keep building good relationships and producing strong content and you'll do great.

Thanks dear @gringalicious and iam trying to keep good relationships with people on Steemit because it's like a family for me now.

Hello 👋, nice to meet you

Me too.


Glad to finally see your intro! I bet you're going to get a lot of spammers who didn't read it saying, "Welcome to Steemit!" haha. Great to get to know a bit more about you after all this time. Cheers!

Well thanks a lot for your comment bro and spammers are not a big deal now because i know who is real and who is fake😇 and iam glad that you like my introduction.

glad that flagging of yours didn't stop you from steeming.

Thanks mate.

thanks for naming me as a friend. much appreciated.

Welcome brother :) you are doing a great work and going to become a well known developer ver soon on Steemit.all the best.

It’s nice to get to know more about you. Thanks for explaining your username, I had wondered about that before 😀

Hahah that's why I mentioned that also in the post and thaks for your nice Comment bro.

Superb post...I always think why you choose this name and what's the mean of this ...Now I understood ....Have fun and get more success ✌

Hahaha it's good to make some doubts clear so that's why i mentioned that mistake but still this community is really great and name doesn't matter here because they appreciate your content not your name😇😇

Dear @thecrytotrader it is very nice the story of your nick, i was thinking you made it as that you cry when you trade, like to watch well before trade, as monit, but you say it was just mistake, really funny... i upvoted and resteem your post, please check and give me your opinion to mine too:

Hahaha i glad that my this post removed your doubts and i like this post and upvoted buddy 😇

I enjoyed reading your post! I am new here so this kind of stories really help us that we are just beginning our steemit journey, thanks :)

Thanks dear iam happy that this post give you some motivation.

Nice and very well arranged post .I also want to be in the list of your steemit friends.I am trying Hard

Hahah well you are also my good friend bro.

thanks dude

thanks for your introduction
am new here on steemit, your write up shows me a better way to introduce myself to everyone....thank you i hope we could be friends i am faruk by name from nigeria

Welcome buddy and just keep doing good work on Steemit and you will definitely get success.

you are welcome to this great platform

Thanks a lot.

Welcome to steemid, I hope you have a good luck:)

Thanks buddy and it's "Steemit" 😄

welcome. frends

hello welcome to steemit. I invite you to visit my blog

hello welcome to steemit. I invite you to visit my blog

Welcome to Steem @thecrytotrader.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!