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Hi there, I am new as of this morning. I am a Crypto enthusiast and researcher. I not only write content, but I create vlog video content as well. I call my show TheCryptoDrive because it is aimed at driving Crypto Currencies forward, there are some clever puns in my content, the logo is a flash drive and I film my episodes while I drive in my car.

I think the name is a clever play on words. The Crypto Drive - Driving Crypto Currencies into your minds, into your lives and into the future! Viva Crypto Currencies!!

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Awesome! Maybe do a show about Steem!

Thank you, in fact I will do exactly that... I am busy learning about it and will do a show once I understand it better. Any vital Steem info welcome, I'll add it to the show.

Ok thank you! I'll do that. I'm in slack now.

edit your post like this to let your readers click on the image an go to your site....

Nice, thanks for the tip! I will do.