Traveling Yogi; New to Steemit

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My name is Alison Bright. I'm pleased to be part of this community! I won the last name lottery and most agree my personality aligns. I'm currently on a magic carpet ride around the world looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I left corporate America behind and now share entrepreneurial efforts, morning dance parties and yoga along the road. I hope to brighten your day with fun/funny pictures, quotes and healthy reminders that life is short. Embrace the present moment and people you share life with!

Picture below is my favorite chair: the "spun" chair that is a fun chair. You literally can't sit still. Credit to the (free) Hammer Museum in LA for the introduction to it and entertainment.


Welcome Alison! Glad you’re here!

Thanks Colleen! I love your background, great colors :)

Alison, love it! So fantastic. I have really picked up the pace with yoga so perhaps we should (@ering) all get some sessions going! :)

I'm SO DOWN! I'm actually certified...200hr standard, 85 hr pre/post natal and 35hr in SUP (my favorite). If you go in LA my fave is the Green Yogi in MB - M/W/F noon with Sesa.....out of town next wk, but 12/11 I'm game! LMK :)

I'll send you a PM on Discord... then we can all exchange info.

Hey #Alison I like your chair at is not literally chair. And your smile is really awesome and cute and as you introduce you in great manner. Welcome to this great community and you will definitely learn a lot from here my friend

So glad you like this and happy to be a part of this community! Hopefully I'll have fun posts in the forward that will brighten your day :) Smiles all around.

Welcome Alison. You looks so beautiful.

Hello @ thebrightness welcome to steemit enjoy :D


Hi Micch! Love your intro. I have a brother, no sisters. Treasure your sisters! You get to share clothes with them ;) Thanks for the welcome!

Welcome thebrightness, hope you will have a great time here on steemit!

Thanks Lopezdacruz! I'm newer to cryptocurrencies, but I'm blessed to have some digital savvy background and some amazing advisers who are helping me learn all the ways of this realm :)

Awww thank you! That bear should have a name. Koreanprincess what would you name it? ;)

Welcome to steemit thebrightness! I hope you find a home in our community!

Welcome to Steemit! I'm glad to see you getting involved here and joining in. I hope your experience here is pleasant!

Welcome Alison, great to have you here :)

Thanks! I'm already having fun - eating dinner solo, yet feeling warmly welcomed and like I have a bunch of new 'imaginary' friends, ;).
Just checked out your art work, gorgeous! I'll keep an eye out for your future posts.

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High fives all around. Special thanks to the leaders/admin of PAL to have me as a part of this group!

Hi there!

Love this! Thanks 'Hi' Guy :)

Welcome Alison, great having your hear! Love the chair!

Thanks! "Spuns of fun!" If you google spun chair you can find a lot of places that have them for sale :)

Hey welcome! I like your description. You're completely bright with this attitude. Good luck! :D

Thanks!! This should be a fun ride :) I appreciate your welcome!

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Thanks bitgeek! What a great day to join...timing is everything. Appreciate the kudos and everyone's comments helping get to #7 today. Hopefully more fun posts to come and continued rising through the Dust!

Hi Allison.Glad to have you here.Steemit needs more people like you.Waiting for your fun posts❤️

Siempre cantare el amor de Dios :)

Tambien! Me gusta el platform es bilingual! Pura Vida!

Welcome to Steem. Good luck

Welcome! we always need funny pictures for the internet!

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you have great time here! Seems like you are having fun there ( on that chair) ! :)

Welcome to Steemit, Alison. Glad to have you onboard. Seems like your post will be fun-filled. I will look forward to reading more from you. Have fun doing what you do. Cheers!

Welcome - thrilled to be on this wild and whacky ride with you:)) Birch

Welcome to Steemit. I think you will like it. There are plenty of people who love talking about cryptocurrencies, but lots of other interests too. Have fun

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Look forward to your post, and possibly learning more about meditation and yoga!!

HI @positivechange10! You got it. I'm going to make a post later today on the best way to mitigate stress/the power of your conscious breath. It's hard to make the post short. As I'm learning the ways of steemit, seems like it will be a wee bit of a learning curve to figure out how long/short to make posts and how many pictures to post....especially with something like breath, lol! I look forward to your feedback and lmk if you'd like any specific to suggestions for posts :)

Awesome....i too am learning how to get the post out and how to let people learn from my journey.....Facebook is easy because people know you and so they read and comment and then others follow......This is more difficult to even have someone read a post.....Blessings!! I am looking into hiring a personal meditation coach.....I have been on an amazing journey of enlightenment which has caused a huge deconstruction of fundemental christianity......Its been a process unlearning religion😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏

You are just so cute! I love your "go getter-ness" if you will. Glad youre here and look forward to hearing more stories from you!!

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