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Hello Steemit community! My name is Terri and I'm from a small town in Newfoundland Canada. I am currently a PhD student in organic chemistry developing new fluorescent molecules for disease identification and diagnosis. My boyfriend @curtiscolwell talks about steemit non-stop and what a wonderful community it is so I had to check it out! I'm a new food blogger so I will mainly be posting recipes to build my recipe base for my blog! I love animals, wine and photography so if you have any recommendations as to who to follow on Steemit be sure to let me know!

Lastly, this is my beautiful dog, Chloe. She enjoys sleeping, cuddling and anything that involves her mom (me) :D

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Your boyfriend is a smart person. Let me tell you that. This platform is awesome.

He is, but I can't tell him that because it will go to his head :P

What a lovely pup. Welcome to steemit @terril

she is awesome! thank you :)

how old is Chloe?

She just turned 3 😊

Welcome to steemit :)

Welcome to the world of @steemit.
Hope you enjoy your time being here.
My helping hand is open for everyone as i need help from you too @mhshadhin.

Thank you! I'm sure I will enjoy it, just to figure out how to use it! lol

You are free to ask any Question at any time. I will gladly help you if it is with in my limit.

Hello Terri welcome to steemit, i love Chloe she is soo cute

thank you! she is very cute, it’s hard to get stuff done when she looks at you with those puppy eyes!

Hey ..... welcome to our community. I hope you find it good and it polishes your skills :)please be kind enough to follow me as well @azkaa plus let me know if you need any help...(your dog is love......)

thank you!

Hey Terri ! Welcome to Steemit !

I'm an Asian girl. I read your introduction. It's great. I hope you can share some interesting things with us. If you are interested, I can introduce some Chinese recipes to you.

That would be awesome! If you have any vegan recipes please send them along! Even if they aren’t vegan I can probably modify them to be 😊

Welcome to steemit!

Hello Terry, nice to have you in the community!


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