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Hey guys, my name is Teo and this is my very first article on Steemit. Today I want to tell you a little bit about myself .

So let’s get started: I am 10 years old and live in Germany. My dad comes from Spain and my mum from England. I can speak all three languages (German, Spanish and English) which a lot of people find interesting – although it’s pretty normal for me. When people ask me to say something in another language I never know what to say … oh well!


I have one sister and she is 8 years old. She is a really good dancer and very sporty. But enough about her, back to me! I love playing football and play for my local team.


I also like building things but somehow never manage to finish anything. I like to go fishing at the trout lake. The only problem is that I have never caught a trout!! My friends say I am brave, funny and take risks.

When people ask me whether I feel German, English or Spanish I always say German. At school I am neither the best nor the worst, I am somewhere in the middle. On the whole I am a happy person.

My dad ( @pgarcgo*) logged me into stimet – OK that’s enough for today!


* Note of the translator.


Teo, my son, saw me the last days writing and reading on steemit, and I told him about how funny it is to write here (he actually hates writing). He was going out to play football again and I said again, "you know what? You can earn money if you write". "Enough to buy myself an ipad" - He asked. "Enough if you write without mistakes!" - I answered.
He run, took a piece of paper and forgot about the football.

The post above is the result.

Welcome to steemit young padawan, it a really good thing that such a young guy become a steemian!
It's also a really good thing that you speak 3 languages, like this you will understand article from our spanish and german friends and upvote for them because as non english writers it's hard to find people to upvote for non-english articles!
I am french and i will try to do the same for spanish, chinese and...french :)

I will follow you, hope that more young padawans like you will join steemit force lol, you are our future guys!

Cheers to you and your parents

Welcome! I hope you enjoy much success here. Your introduceyourself post has already done much better than mine ever had, so you're off to a great start!

Welcome to Steemit! If you would like to see statistics of any post on Steemit, you can use Steemd.com. I have made a bookmark for your convenience in accessing Steemd. https://steemit.com/steemd/@craigwilliamz/steemd-statistics-bookmark-for-easy-access-to-steemd

Who are you talking to right now?

Hi Teo
Welcome To Steemit
If You Need Help Here
Check Out #steem-help and
I am Following You As We Share Same interests of #writing
Feel Free To Follow Me,
I Will be posting tips on My Blog
Let Us Minnows Become Dolphins And Then Whales

Haha where was this last week when I needed the minnows to unite for my intro post? >.< LOL I've been helping build the fiction writing community here for more than a month, and I don't even get this kind of comment haha

That is so cool Teo!! Muaaaa!!! You must be the youngest one in Steemit :-)

I can picture entire sub-communities of kids on steemit upvoting each other . hopefully arguing about meaningful things, but likely a mix of that and pokemon or whatever else you kids are into these days. pac-man, hoola-hoops, zima, dan fogelberg records and what not..

welcome @teo! :)

Danke Leute *

Dad's translation: Thank you, guys

I think more adults play pokemon than kids lol

Hola teo, soy Sarita. Bienvenido!
Teo hello , I 'm Sarita . Your welcome!

hola teo

hola sarita.perdona que he tardado tanto en responder.

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