Hello and thank you altogether

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Hi Everyone,Hallo Zusammen,
yesterday you read my first post. It was a surprise to me that so many People reacted in such a short time.gestern konntet Ihr meinen ersten Post lesen. Ich war sehr überrascht, dass so viele Personen in so kurzer Zeit auf meinen Post reagiert haben.
I have learned that Taxation seems to be an issue which is worth talking about. I will do so in the next days, weeks, months, ... let's see what happens to my issue.Ich habe verstanden, dass Steuern offensichtlich ein Thema sind, über das man sprechen sollte. Das werde ich in den nächsten Tagen, Wochen, Monaten ... tun. Schauen wir mal, was daraus wird.
Furthermore: thank you altogether for your warm welcome. Lots of your posts give beginners like me the feeling to have done the right thing by signing in. I am looking forward to the future.Zudem: Vielen Dank für die herzliche Begrüßung. Viele Eurer Posts geben Anfängern wie mir direkt das Gefühl, mit der Anmeldung etwas richtig gemacht zu haben. Das macht Lust auf mehr.
Last but not least I have found out that there is also a german community, so from now on, I will post in both languages, english and german. I hope this helps to reach the correct group of people.Außerdem habe ich verstanden, dass es auch eine große deutsche Community gibt. Von heute an werde ich meine Artikel also in zwei Sprachen posten, Deutsch und Englisch. Ich hoffe, dass ich damit die richtige Gruppe von Personen erreiche.

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welcome to steemit world . Always Remember 4 points..
1)Never copy paste content from any where ..
2)It can take some time but if you work hard ,God will definitely give you success..
3)Never abuse anyone or post haterade content on steemit..
4)Daily post will increase your REPUTATION SCORE (number by the side of your name.
Reputation score is mainly based on upvotes and comments .
No matter what you post ,if it gets upvotes and comments then reputation score will increase
Don't let anyone flag you or downvote you..
I wish you success follow me @loganread

Well said. And welcome to steemit family. :)

Hello Taxguy.

How do you do the two-columns trick? It looks great

I have the same problem with english-italian posts...


hello man welcome to steemit where your hard work pays you
go ahead and have a good future on steemit

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a very good story. and give inspiration to all steem friends. thank you for sharing with us all.success is always for you

I wish you would talk about how taxation may evolve or apply in the world of decentralized crypto ...would help us all . Danke ! :)

Welcome to Steemit! I know one thing about Tax :)
Wir sagen das nicht auf englisch "altogether" sagens wir, Everyone!

Thanks a lot @movingman. I will keep in mind.

Glad you joined us mr @taxguy! Steemit needs people like you! :) Best of luck.

I am into motivation, psychology and healthy lifestyle, in case you would like to visit my channel :) VALUE guaranteed

A good story in terms of posting and an inspiration to all Steemit users, good post

Thank you very much @steemcros

Welcome to steemit Family

Hello friends, welcome. glad to see your paper here.

Steuern sind ein Thema, wenn man Grundlegend darüber diskutiert.
Steuern sind für mich Raub und moralisch nicht vertretbar.

thnx for the nice post

Welcome to steemit family

Bievenida a la comunidad

Él no habla castellano o no escribirá en castellano.
That's for you a very friendly attempt, but he does not speak Spanish nor will write posts in it.
Das ist ein gute Ansatz von dir, aber er auf Spanisch weder sprechen noch schreiben kann.

Hola @jesusjavier and @ngetal, comprendo el espanol. Pero habla solo un poco.
So, furthermore, I will write in german an english.

Wow! You've really got some knowledge of Castillian! I only speak a little of German too; however, I lately write most of my posts in that langague, as I have noticed more persons react to them than when is written in Castilian. At the beginning I didn't want it, but someone who I met on Steemit cheered me up to do it, so here I am. As for you, you don't do it that bad: you barely need to make more attention to the conjugation, and you'll be giving to us an interesting content in our beautiful lingo. Besides, you'd be able to practise your linguistic command!

Hi and. Welcome to steemit world:) keep on posting good articles !!!

Hi. Welcome to steemit family.

Hello and welcome to Steemit. It is amazing the welcome that this community can give you, always ready to integrate new people like you and me. I would love for you to be able to follow me, comment and vote. Much success and welcome.

Welcome to steemit

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