Hellooo Steemit! Let me introduce myself!

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Hello everyone! My name is Tara and I just joined Steemit!

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I am a persian-american born and raised in Berlin, Germany. At the moment I study Biochemistry and I am currently working on my bachelor thesis. By the end of this summer I'll be done with my bachelor and continue on with my master. I am also an Instagramer and probably the reason why my male best friend @mergesort invited me to join Steemit. According to him Steemit needs more content creators. So, here I am!

I am a sporty little biochemist, with a fetish for delicious food, that loves to travel the world!

A few years ago I started working out to get in shape. I am going to the gym almost 3-4 times per week and I feel amazing afterwards!

Work out

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Me fooling around before a workout.

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I love going out with friends and family and eat all the delicious food that is available in Berlin! Berlin has an amazing variety of food from all over the world. Take a look:

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This is me at a streetfood festival in Berlin.

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Once in a while I grab a friend or two and travel around! This is me in Venice:

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I love the quality time I have with my family and friends and I like taking pictures of it.

This is me and my female best friend Angie. Maybe we can get her to join Steemit too :D

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I love hanging out with my mom...

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and my dad!

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Oh yeah, I do study once in a while and I got the grades to prove it!

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I was told by @Mergesort that there is a great STEM community on Steemit called steemSTEM. I hope you welcome me as a new member!

If you wish to see more of my content please follow me and hit the upvote button!

Peace and out!


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So nice colors on your picture. Welcome on steemit. Success and good future for you here !

Welcome to Steemit !
You got an upvote by @cryptokraze to start here.

Good Luck

welcome to steemit~You are attractive.

Welcome to steemit :D

Have a great time.

follow for follow , upvote for upvote @dkinx

Welcome! Gave you a follow!giphy.gif

woooo welcome Sis!!! Great to have you here!

Thx broo! =))

A big warm Steemit welcome goes out to you Tara!

High Paw & Steem on! :-D



Hello @tarag and a big welcome to steemit!
As both a gym-nerd and science-enthusiast myself I look very much forward to seeing what you will be posting on here :)

Happy @mergesort introduced you to the platform. Maybe he's also suggested that you join the @steemSTEM community on steem.chat, if not you may want to check that out if you're looking to share some stories on the subject you're studying :)

Anyways, I'm happy to see you here and hope you'll be having an awesome time!


@tarag check this guy out, he got some pretty nice content :O

Welcome to Steemit! Nice to see such detailed intro posts :)

Yay for Berlin - I live there :)

Looking forward to reading more of you -- also, @things, I found you another scientist person thingie! (she does masters in Chemistry) :)

Oh cool! Do you like it here?

There are more steemers in Berlin than I thought and @firepower is in Berlin too? Damn, I guess we really need to do a meetup soon.

Yeah.. I keep discovering more!

No, @firepower is in India :)

I have that degree as well as two others. It was one of my favorite field of studies. You have picked a great field. Keep studying and make good grades!

Oh that's motivating! Thx =)

Hey welcome abroad!!!:) Youre so cute with your gym pictures! Working out is the best isnt! I wish you the best of luck on here and with your bachelor and masters! You go girl #GirlPower !!! 💙💙

Oh thx darling! You're cute :* Yeah i love working out!

Hahaha my pleasure! Sucks your in germany cuz id love to pull these weights with you haha! 😋 😍

oh that would be so cool!😘

haha youre a cutie! guten tag 😙

hi Tara,
Welcome to Steemit :-)
best wishes,

btw, i loved ur halloween costume :-)

Thank you! I love that costume!

Welcome to steem! :) great pictures :) you look so happy in all of them!

She is a happy and joyful person :D

Welcome to Steem @tarag I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome sweetheart, nice to meet you @tarag. I am very happy to share with you, I am very open with your questions, I invite you to visit me @kharrazi, Thank you, hopefully in the future we can share in this best community and can support it seling. I can not wait for your best postings. See you ...

So pretty Tara i wish you all the best ♥
I followed and upvoted!
I hate to ask but could you maybe check out my newest post?
Thank you ♥♥

Thx darling!😘

Welcome to steemit! You will do just fine here :D

Beautiful post. Welcome to Steemit. Now following you.

Welcome to the community, @Tarag! Wish you much luck! Cheers! Follow me at @khunfarang

If only there was a cool travel challenge going on right now that could earn people $....... HINT

Hi @tarag welcome to Steemit. I do hope that you have a wonderful time on this platform, if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with do not hesitate to ask, I will be more than happy to help.
If you would like to stay in touch please Follow me @Fshllc

Welcome here @tarag ! I just upvoted and followed you. @globalcash

Welcome to steemit @tarag, cant wait to see all the content you have coming

welcome to steemit! hope you love it here as much as i do!

Welcome to Steemit Tara. I'm sure you would enjoy your time on this platform. If you need any help please feel free to ask. Following your blog. Cheers.

Willkommen auf Steemit! We do travel blogs and would like to make some connections on here! Please follow us back so we can be friends :) Looking forward for your posts. Bis bald ;)

A new Steemian :-) hello @tarag I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I Have upvoted and will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

Hello Tara, welcome to Steemit family and our ever-growing platform. You have made a great decision by joining us and helping us to create decentralized entity that will change the way social media and other business models work in the future. I would like to help you out in your early days by using my steem power to upvote your first few posts. Simply follow my account and tag me by @czechglobalhosts in your posts and I will make sure to read your post and upvote you! Good luck and steem on! Tomas

Welcome to Steemit I wish you all the best, may your Steemit journey be rewarding ☺
I have up-voted you. 😎 @crypto-expo

Hi, welcome to steemit.

Hey Tara. Welcome to Steemit! Good to have you here.

That was a good introductory post. Lots of pictures and good writing. Hope you stay on Steemit. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

Welcome to steemit hope you enjoy it here!! Followed. Follow me back 😘

Welcome to Matrix tarag.

You are stunning . Welcome to steemit , I am sure you will enjoy it there, I will be following.
Really nice and well put together intro post, I can see that you're doing it right!

Welcome to Steemit