Introducing me!!

Greetings to you from Las Vegas, I am Laura, a single mother of 2, living in the United States of America.

I work at McDonald's.
I'm am entrepreneur even though I've got no business running.
I love singing, counseling and writing very interesting articles.

I'm here to put my writing skills into good use and contribute towards the development of this community.
I'm blessed with 2 lovely kids and I love them so much.

I'm here to inspire both the young and old through my articles, true life stories and webinars.
Together we stand.
What is life's Goal?
I seek to be a good mother to my kids, as a single mom raising them kids can be very difficult, I also would love to have my grocery store (hopefully steemit will help with that), over the years I've become fond of talking to young folks, so I might just go into it.

Why steemit?
I was introduced to steemit by @wendie. I love steemit because it's a platform that helps one another and also encourage different writing skills, also recognizes the talent and comments of each members. It's just amazing that I get paid for living my life.
I love this family

I'd love to start my Steemit journey with you, so drop a comment and follow me. Thanks


Welcome Laura! I love how positive your whole write-up is! I think you're totally right with your way of thinking, that even if you don't have your business running yet, that you will someday. I think if you write some blog posts with that same outlook, people will want to check them out! I'm pretty new here too, but feel free to ask if you have any questions! :)

Laura, you are a lovely mother. I used to teach English at McDonald's in Vietnam. Love your smile.