A Man Who Born To Be Free! Surfing is my lifestyle. Now with Steemit)) Part 1

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Hi to all STEEMit community !
My name is Ruslan, i'm 33 years old.
Im a beginner surfer, freelance, IT, now my interests are cryptocurrency's.
but it's tritely and boring... haha

Aloha Surf!!!

introduce myself
Who I am? - A son of Earth
My home country? - our green planet!
What do I love? - my family sure!!!

also my hobbies are exercise, jogging, motivation, meditation and self-improvement.

I believe in good job and in Karma. And I like to do charity.

What do I dream about? - A life without problems and happiness for all people!
what is happiness to me? - "Is not the greatest happiness is to make others happy?"
Henry Frederick

I have a some small dream but for me is so important.
I really dream about my first own surfboard and i believe what its possible with the Steem community.

<<STEEM - is a technology utopia>>

what it means to me Steem? - the first is a social network progress and "technological utopia",
where everybody can find exactly what he wants or what he needs.

Lets try to surf with STEEMit!

THx to all and best regards :)

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