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 Hi Friends today i am introducing myself , My name is 'SARWAT GALANI,know as stewart caliana

25 years old 

My nationality is pakistani 

I have done my BCS from punjab university  

i have different interests

. Photography


.Reading Novels

i will provide you differents type of  photography and i hope

all of you will like it 

Nice to meet every one and please support me on steemit 


Welcome to the family. Lots to be learned on this platform, if you or anyone else needs help just message me. Im always around.

Hello! Welcome to Steemit.

In order to prevent identity theft, identity deception of all types, and content theft we like to encourage users that have an online identity, post for a website or blog, are creators of art and celebrities of all notoriety to verify themselves. Verified users tend to receive a better reception from the community.

In order to confirm your authorship of the content, please make a mention about Steemit or add a hyperlink to Steemit on your Twitter:

You can remove this mention from your website, once we confirm the authorship.

Thank you.

More Info: Introducing Identity/Content Verification Reporting & Lookup

the given account is 100% wrong its not me please verify my appeal in Thanks

Then explain us why you had a profile image with blond hair before ?
Or explain us why the linked twitter account has posted this image just 19 hours ago but this post is three days old ?

Or explain why this image is tagged with Brishty Islam here:

It would be much easier for you to tell the truth.

Its just a profile pic even not showing identity 2nd this pic also match from my Id every one can use differnt accounts use this pics even its not a blog or a website , if you people remove my this post with 65 SBD then why not my old post with 1,2 sbd its steemit reaponsibilty iam new here i dont know we how to use steemit,i joind it in april and my all posts is like this ,you should tell me in the start from where i got 1,2 sbd now when j reachef to 65 SBD now you peoples said it copyright

  1. Nobody says something about your post. It is still about your identity theft.
  2. If you use a profile pic showing another person you are pretending to be this person. Otherwise you could just choose a profile picture without a person.
  3. You can not just use someone else pictures to use them as your owns.
  4. We just asked you to proof your identity. You clearly cannot do this, so it is identity theft.

You are taking this to a ridiculous level. Creating a fake Twitter with another woman's pictures just to get out of this mess is absurd.

Very nice to have you here ! You joined just in time!

welcome sawrwat :)

thank you so much dowha

ups sorry its sarwat :)

Welcome to Steemit! Upvoted!

thanks skycornish

Welcome to steemit Sawrwat

thank you dahlsom :)

Hello welcome to steemit!! it's really nice to have you here enjoy the platform and explore the community.....wish you all the best.

Welcome! I am looking forward to your pictures ! Keep up the good work.

Self promotion on other's posts is frowned on. Please read Steemit Etiquette and do not ask for a follow, ever. You are welcome, my friend.

thanks my new friend and most welcome too you

ok no problem my friend

Welcome to steemit @Sarwat

You're welcome and all the best!

Bienvenidad, siguiendote para ver luego las fotografias, SALUDOS !

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Welcome! hope you like the platform and will do well, never been to Pakistan, hope you can travel as much as you can, I ded so for four years and post about it

Welcome to steemit @stewartcalina, you will love it here. I look forward to you post your interests in Photography and traveling with us here.
Join us at #dynamicsteemians discord channel a community of amazing steemitians that support and learn from each other, all questions about steemit will be answered there. I hope to see you there.
Steem on Friend..

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Hi! Welcome aboard! If you have any questions feel free to message me. :)

Another attractive female on steem, you should do well regardless! Best of luck

Holaaaa, es bueno descubrir a nuevos usuarios día a día en nuestra red social.

Welcome to Steemit, beautifull place my dear.

welcome to the community! definitely get excited! I'm new on here myself and this is the most inspired ive ever been in my life. blessings!

hola @stewartcaliana bienvenida a esta gran familia. Te invito a unirte a la comunidad de steem schools dode aprenderas con clases de negocio, arte y liderazgo, técnicas para tu crecimiento en steemit.

!cheetah ban

for id theft


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