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 Hi Friends today i am introducing myself , My name is 'SARWAT GALANI,know as stewart caliana

25 years old 

My nationality is pakistani 

I have done my BCS from punjab university  

i have different interests

. Photography


.Reading Novels

i will provide you differents type of  photography and i hope

all of you will like it 

Nice to meet every one and please support me on steemit 


Welcome to the family. Lots to be learned on this platform, if you or anyone else needs help just message me. Im always around.

Very nice to have you here ! You joined just in time!

welcome sawrwat :)

thank you so much dowha

ups sorry its sarwat :)

Welcome to Steemit! Upvoted!

thanks skycornish

Welcome to steemit Sawrwat

thank you dahlsom :)

Hello welcome to steemit!! it's really nice to have you here enjoy the platform and explore the community.....wish you all the best.

Welcome! I am looking forward to your pictures ! Keep up the good work.

Welcome! hope you like the platform and will do well, never been to Pakistan, hope you can travel as much as you can, I ded so for four years and post about it

Self promotion on other's posts is frowned on. Please read Steemit Etiquette and do not ask for a follow, ever. You are welcome, my friend.

thanks my new friend and most welcome too you

ok no problem my friend

Welcome to steemit @Sarwat

You're welcome and all the best!

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