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I am way behind in getting this post out...my profile says I have over 200 posts. Oops. I guess I should say I am a procrastinator somewhere in this introduction.

Hi all! I'm Steve.

I'm 47 and I've been on Steemit about 2 months. I came to Steemit while researching #Gridcoin, and I'll spend a second explaining that. Gridcoin is an altcoin mined by doing distributed computing via BOINC. SETI@home is an example of a BOINC project. In other words, Gridcoin is mined by using your home computer to help scientific research.

I primarily write about the politics of security and crime-fighting (I know, yawn to most folks, but it interests and enrages me at the same time). It is funny though, as my most successful post to date has been about hot buttered rum!

My favorite post has been a series on critical thinking; part 1 is here

Philosophically, I am a minarchist; politically, I am an America-first Constitutionalist and nationalist. That does not mean "America uber alles", but that's a story for another post. I despise leftism, but I understand the criticism directed at my position from an anarchist view. Both leftism and pure anarchism are derived from Utopian idealism...and again, that is the subject of another post. I'll just say this, liberty is something that MUST consistently be fought for due to human nature.

My career has been all over the place, but the last thing I have done is to get a master's degree in criminal justice focusing on homeland security ( which is a crappy term, btw). I blogged my work in the program at http://gradschoolfool.blogspot.com/ and when I'm lazy, I'll dip into a story over there to publish here. The second most interesting job I had was trying to run a porn biz. The most I earned from that was 700 a month. The most interesting job I had was service as a Marine.

I am unemployable due to my own actions; I tend to be judgemental and critical. I have the people skills of a tank, but I flash with sociability from time to time. I don't understand why, but I can be a real charming sonafabitch one time, and in the exact same circumstances, a stuttering fool at most other times. I preety good at being sarcastic, and I can't understand why that doesn't endear me to people.

These days, I lack a great deal of focus. I can engage with a fellow Steemer with a great deal of interest and then drop the conversation like it never existed; I'm not bored or angry when this happens...I just can't come up with a single thing to say. Shrug. This is a new development for me over the last year and a half.

The experience I have had on Steemit has been great. The concept of this platform has been successful on several layers.

  • Having a financial stake tied to your reputation makes people act more courteously towards each other.
  • I have read a few stories from folks in poor countries that have been able to generate a new income stream. Of course, most people in poor countries don't have computers or net access, but for those that do, bringing new income into those economies will remedy that situation for others. This has a great probability of becoming a self-supporting cycle.
  • The platform has generated a great deal of community-focused activity.

One of the things that attracted me to both Steemit and Gridcoin was the potential for helping the community while making some money. Enlightened self-interest is one of the greatest motives that a free society can provide.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end ;>

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I had considered two business ideas the first was a service type industry like a 'bricks and mortar' old school type traditional service business.

The fell through from lack of investors; a true pity I really felt " Phil's Brazilian Waxing Service " had huge potential and could easily have franchised outwards ! ! !

My second business idea was " Geriatric Porn " with the actors getting shares bonus incentives including discounts on their 'prescriptions ' . . .

That is what the world has lost sight of in the modern millennium ! ! !

Genuine attention to customer satisfaction . . .

And looking after your employees ! ! !


Geriatric Porn " with the actors getting shares bonus incentives including discounts on their 'prescriptions '

LOL great idea!

The thing with porn was that you should work your own niche. I liked BDSM, so I worked that. The other thing was that the porn market was FLOODED with people, and there was free porn all over the web. I know why I failed at the biz.

But you have to decide how to take your chance in life. Lots of folks are happy just getting by. Some of us want success and/or money. But that means taking the risk that your work goes unrewarded. For me, I'm more happy with success and accomplishment, but I would be very happy if I support myself by doing what I like to do


The internet has different purposes. Some people post for RECREATIONAL interests, for example ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) tends to not have a great number of ways to profit from content.

IDEOLOGY is about some fanatic taking a corporate or private loss just to share their fanaticism with others, Republican or Democrat or Catholic or Muslim; reality is all fanatics are dangerous and should be persecuted unto removal . . .

Monetary; we are here to SELL FEAR or PROPAGANDA or MARKETING.

Generally pawn = poorn is worth about 50 BILLION dollars worldwide each year. So since most people earn around 25,000 dollars after yearly expenses even 0.001 % of the 15 US$ BILLION industry is probably something worth trying to capture.

Even advertising can bring in huge dollars if your website can collect statically proven hits and visits, I was just wanting to help some old people simply afford their health insurance, food and utilities bills; honest ; )

Geriatric porn is the way of the future ! ! !

that . . .

and; ' little people ' pawn : )


all fanatics are dangerous and should be persecuted unto removal . . .

this is an idea that I fanatically agree with. It seems like a contradiction in terms, but it comes down to self-defense



Here is some non nude examples of what I dd. The model is Diana Knight. A beautiful woman who was very tolerant when the damned handcuffs wouldn't unlock. Pissed me off b/c I had verified they worked the morning of the shoot. They finally opened, and I never had the problem again.

My photographer would just sigh and say "Snow White" every time the shoot came up LOL

I have moved the pics, and the discussion to a NSFW thread. I realized there are some youngins on this category. My apologies.


I am currently looking at employment options myself, I am wondering how much a model get paid and if it is cash in the hand type work ?


I am actually going to move these pics and this discussion to a different thread; I wasn't paying attention when I put them up on this thread. I'll put the link here when I get done


moved to a new thread - see in post above you