Steven-Patrick cryptokitties trader, closet Libertarian

First of all buy this cat

I've been playing Cryptokitties for a few months. Becoming disillusioned with Discord and Reddit forums, I decided to try Steemit to build a community around CK. No scammers. No paid shills. Just real talk from players. Strategies, experiences, resources, whatever helps other players.

I am also interested in cryptocurrencies. Spent an afternoon trying to buy cryptocurrency to get started in CK. FYI - most US banks won't do business with banks in Cyprus. Hard to get very far without wondering about all the resistance to cryptocurrencies from the US government and big banks.

Which segues into my Libertarian tendencies, the less we worry about what others are doing with their lives the better. "We" being me and you and big brother too. Living in California this isn't a popular position. People think liberals are so tolerant so they should allow people to do whatever they want. Actually liberals want to help everyone by telling them what to do, what to think and what is worthy of taking money from the people to do.

That's a start. Remember buy my cat or at least like him


@matt-a @good-karma @sflaherty @sacred-agent finally got one of my good buddies to join, show him some love :)

Welcome to steemit, I think you're going to like it here. great people and communities working together for a better tomorrow.