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What is SteemKnights?

SteemKnights will be the first ever 3D mobile multiplayer game on the Steem blockchain, developed by @fivefingergames! (Available on Web and Android, with iOS coming later this year).

When will it start?

The gates to the kingdom will open on the 28. September 12:00 UTC. So sharpen your weapons and be ready to fight!
And don't forget to bring your comrades! So you can fight and earn together!

How to play?

Prepare for action packed battles on a chess like battlefield. Position your king and trap. But choose wisely, as you will command forth your pawns to slay the opponent's king and win the battle in the name of your kingdom!

Battle Rules

Each encounter on battlefield will play out according to the Rock, Paper, Scissors principle. It's just sword, bow & arrow and magic wand on our battlefield.

SwordBow & ArrowMagic Wand
Wield your Sword and Shield against all attackers and come forth victorious against Bow & Arrow! Be quick and decisive, dodge magical attacks and slay the unholy Wand carriers! Use your powers to shield yourself from physical blows and wield your Magic Wand to burn down the knights!

How to Earn?

Learn more on our Website or in the Steem Posts yet to come!

Referrer System

Let friends join to fight for their kingdom! But be careful you might find yourselfs opponents on the battlefield. Upon successfull referral the companion will claim his 20% Knight Emblems booster for his first three days and for every referred companion you'll receive 10% of his or her Knight Emblems. Login to claim your referrer link!

Why Blockchain?

Verifiable ResultsReplays & Statistics
Thanks to the full transparency of the blockchain's distributed ledger every action taken by the players can be recorded and the games result can be completely traced and verified.As a result of the blockchain's transparency it is possible for everyone to completely recreate a game. This means you can analyze and create statistics of your game history.


v0.9Open beta, for Steem we fightPlayable base mode. Grab your phone and start fighting!
v1.0Release the kraken!Official release of the base game.
v1.1User Defined GamesChallenge each other individually and choose the wagered amount yourself!
v1.2TournamentsDeveloper and player defined tournaments, fight your way to the top!
v1.3New Game Mode(s)Additional game mode(s), ranging from more then two players to completely new strategic mechanics
v2.xLots to come...We'll keep working on it!

Come to our Discord, read our introduceyourself and have fun!

For Steem we fight!
Yours truly @fivefingergames


There was a text based RPG adventure game that didn't really get off the ground. I wish you the best with this project and hope that it does really well. I want to see every project on Steem succeed, but very few ever do. I will be promoting this if you launch and do well.

Hi @shaidon, thank you we appreciate your support.

I never had the idea. May you have good luck with it. Congrats

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excelent @steemknights

i think you can use tag battle, too

Cool! No future promises but a post and a quick launch :D That's refreshing. I'm going to keep an eye on the game - good luck with the launch!

Hi @soyrosa, thank you! Yes that was the plan. We didn't want to start with nothing to show. We love to hear that assertion was correct. 😊😊

Überarbeitet mal bitte den Text vom Cruiser Kent, da steht "Cruiser Drakes Rocket guns..." und sollte ja bestimmt Cruiser Kents Rocket guns... heißen, oder? ;)

Wow awesome, would love to play the game is there any demo available?

Hi @condingdefined, thanks for your feedback! No there is no demo available. We will release the full game on 28th September 12 UTC. Just try it out and we will see us on the battlefield! -@cloud925

Welcome to Steemit @steemknights!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
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Your stats on SteemD
How does Steemit actually work?

Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

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Maybe you guys are interested in this:

Gameplay Trailer

Have fun!

Could you explain the game play more? Is it right that we have to pay for every single match?

We will reveal more about the game play in the following days/posts! 😊
Of course you can also play for free, but you will only earn if you bet steem. At least for now... 😉

-by @mwfiae

Okay, schade. Mir ist klar, daß ihr Geld reinbringen müßt für weitere Entwicklungszeit. Aber trotzdem (für mich) kein Pluspunkt. :/

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Looks very intersting, will certainly take a deeper look into this.

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I'm in it now pretty interesting stuff.

Looks amazing! I'm waiting!

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I am excited can't wait to play the game. Honestly, every day in #newsteem is the best challenge to face. Because there are more interesting ahead.

Looking forward to seeing the beta

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Wow. I will love to play this, does it work on mobile too?

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It does. The main focus are mobile platforms. On the release date Android and Web will be available. Only for iOS we need a little more time.

Would be nice to be able connecting via Steem Keychain extension and not Steemconnect.

Hi @scorer,

we do love the Steem Keychain extension as much as you do! :)

But for now it isn't possible to use for our game. There are a few reasons for this. Most are of technical nature and how we handle the blockchain in our backend. Furthermore there is no Keychain available for mobile, which means we need to use Steemconnect on mobile. (Or we save the private keys ourselfs, which would be a suboptimal solution).

Since we couldn't use it for mobile we figured it wouldn't bring that much benefit to use it only for the website.
Right now we are working on the finishing touches for the game so you all can enjoy the best experience possible but once everything settles we might add a Steem Keychain login to the website for that bit of extra security.


looking forward to playing, good luck team :^)

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Hopefully everything goes smooth with your launch, I will stay tuned to this new opportunity to enjoy my time on the Steem blockchain 😊

Welcome and wish you success. I've signed up and waiting

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Cool more Steem games!! This one actually sounds interesting to me, and while I do not have much time to play games atm, I am trilled to see people continuously creating games and projects for this platform. I have never seen Steem more alive with potential... which is actually saying a hell of a lot considering how much potential this platform has already grown through. Good luck with everything, and if I have every intention to play a little, even if to just try it out and earn some extra tokens/rewards upon it's initial release. Keep me updated!!

The concept reminds me a little of Battlemasters - if you have ever played that one (its a "board" game but with an oversized battle mat instead of a board).

Actually I never heard of it 🤔 But I will take a closer look!

hello @elamental, thanks for your feedback and support! we appreciate that.

No problem if you haven't much time to play games because Steemknights takes actually not much of it. One game/round is supposed to take approximately between 2 and 4 minutes. But feel free to try it out. 😊

Looks like it could be an interesting project! Will have to keep on eye on this and see how it develops! Could tie in well with my own content? Might do a review :)

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