Hello, I'm The Steemit Talk Podcast.

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Hello everyone. Allow me to properly introduce myself.

My name is @steemittalk, and I am a podcast.

My Steemit account was created on November 22, 2016, but I've been here since the end of July, thanks to my current team of hosts, @sykochica, @winstonwolfe, and @giftedgaia. After almost 4 months from the start, it finally just made more sense to have my own account, so here I am.

I Have A New Home!

The team has - FINALLY - created a new home for me! Go to www.SteemitTalkPodcast.com.

Bookmark this. It's the hub. It's still just slightly under construction, but you'll find everything you need here to keep up with STP.

  • Discord Community link
  • Our most recent episode each week
  • Podcast archive
  • The STP public podcast listings for iTunes, Google Play, and others
  • Host Bios

So what am I all about?

I'm so glad you asked that question! For the past 6 months, my team has been assembling on Saturdays at 3PM CST to discuss posts they discover during the week and bring them into the STP spotlight, such as current events, artwork, and Steem innovations, all posted by members of the Steemit.com social network & blogging community.

So how about a little STP history?

When we got started, the recording equipment we had available to us at the time was honestly quite laughable. Our very first episode - which was hosted by @sykochica and @winstonwolfe on July 30, 2016 totally on a whim - was recorded solely on an iPhone in Winston's home office using the built-in Voice Memos app. It had a runtime of only about 15 minutes, but this was the pilot episode, so it's just considered a test run.

After showing @giftedgaia the recording that was created and posted, he was very excited at the prospect of joining in on this podcasting endeavor. So, the very next day on July 31st, it was decided to go ahead and record episode #2. This time with 2 more recording devices, one for each of the three hosts. Admittedly, it was quite janky. Most definitely...of the jank. But it worked.

And with that, I was born.

For the 3rd episode, a fourth host was added, Mr. @quantumanomaly, who stayed with us for a whopping 15 shows.

Just before our 4th episode, we updated our audio gear with STP's Steemit earnings and stepped right into serious podcasting territory. Things were maturing.

Winston Wolfe is quoted on one of his posts as saying,

We ordered 4 brand new (matching) mics, mic stands, windscreens, and we were ready to rock. Episode 004 was when we truly found our sweet spot. What started with an iPhone grew into a bonafide talk show setup.

Then we went live.

On the show's 7th episode we upped the ante again and along with posting our recordings, we began casting to a live audience on our offical STP Discord Channel. That's where the real fun happens.

Via the chat function of Discord, we are able to interact directly with our audience. Granted, Discord is designed to be a voice chat platform where all members of the channel are able to speak, but we use our channel in a way with our studio setup which enables us to adhere to traditional radio talk show aesthetics.

Once we wrap up the show, though, we switch gears and do an hour-long POSTcast, where we call on volunteers from the audience to have their mics unmuted so they can join us live in the discussion. It's a blast.

We were even fortunate enough to be the very first Steemit-based channel on Discord, giving us the opportunity to watch the Steemit/Discord neighborhood grow into what it is today as the other flourishing Steemit-based channels broke ground there.

Since that time, we've upgraded our mic system a second time, and we're on a constant quest to perfect different aspects of the show such as bringing in speaking guests our listeners want to hear, talking about topics people are interested in, and just generally being entertaining all around.


We like to have a good time, we're drama free, and we aim to keep morale high.
Our listeners have said they enjoy coming back every week to catch the new episodes. Some have even told us that STP would be a great place for beginners on Steemit to tune in and ask questions and learn about the technical aspects of using the platform, as well as a place to find out more about other users the show might spotlight.

We certainly hope so.

A Formal Invitation

We’ll be closing in on our 30th episode in a few weeks, and we’d love to celebrate it with all our fans! For you newbs tuning in for the first time, we promise to make it just enjoyable enough to make you want to come back for future episodes. Join us for the show, we love having large and engaged audiences!

Reminders are always posted here on Steemit a few hours before the show, so be sure to follow @steemittalk to see them if you’d like to be reminded. If the last few months are any indication, you’ll likely find many fellow Steemit members already here and waiting before the show starts. (We love you guys!)

Thank you all for taking the time to read our official introduction, and we hope to see you tuned in on our Discord channel for our next episode of the Steemit Talk Podcast...

Where your content fuels our content.

::::::::::::::::::: PLEASE RESTEEM! :::::::::::::::::::

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Fantastic))) I subscribe to you and follow you))))


Thank you!
Hope you enjoy the shows!

You all keep doing what you are doing! I've really enjoyed listening to your podcast when ever I find the time to do so! Great jobs. :D


Thank you! We appreciate the support and really glad you enjoy them! These have been a lot of fun to do. They are downloadable if helpful.

We do have a 'request_line' channel in our discord if there's ever something you'd like brought up on a show.


Thank you for the support and listening!

I have just sent my email to join up.
Will listen in to the coming podcast this Saturday.


Awesome, Love to have you there!
We do have the archive for listen or download of the 27 episodes so far if you'd like to hear any previous ones. #25 had papa-pepper and stellabelle live in studio after the Springfield, MO steemit meetup...that one was great. The crew took shots of hot sauce on the air!


Cheers, I will have a listen to those back episodes and look forward to this coming Saturday. Thanks for getting back


No problem, hope you enjoy!

I love it, welcome to Steemit! :))


Thank you!

This podcast is probably one of the most fun things I've taken on in my adult life. Along with having been a DJ for 10 years, being a photographer, and a video producer, hosting & producing this podcast has been one of the most challenging and fulfilling projects I've involved myself in.

It's a fun show. Great to hear the voices of the community. I'll try to be there for future shows, but I can always listen later.


It's been great having you in there during the live recordings! Thanks for joining us!

Excellent! I'll definitely make a point of listening in!

Hey - I know those people.

I'm curious why you didn't get a bigger reward than that, Could it be that the first tag, Introduceyouself isn't monitored as much as steem and steemit ?


It's always hard to say for sure when it comes to payouts. As far as the introduceyourself tag, it is the common place for new users these type of intro posts, even though it's not paid out quite like it was many months back (for the good reason that it motivated catfish/fake posts that just cashed out and ran versus trying to put more rewards towards those that integrated themselves into the community over a period of time.)

But this is also a somewhat unique intro post with this account being some months old (started in November) as well as the podcast hosts (myself included) having been here for much longer than that. Winstonwolfe and I joined back in July with Giftedgaia coming the following month. We used to post the podcast episodes on our own accounts but after certain changes on the site, it made more sense to make this account.

We definitely appreciate the support and hope you get to listen to the show! We typically record live at 3pm CST (9pm GMT) on Saturdays with about 10-15 steemit members joining us in our Discord Server. and your welcome to join. Our archived episode are also on soundcloud and downloadable from multiple places including iTunes.

Congrats you have been selected as Author of the day by the Steemvoter (SV) Guild, keep up the good work and helping make Steem great!

Note: You should receive many guild votes in an hour or so, enjoy!


Fantastic! Thank you! :D

I listen to this on iTubes and I really want to be a guest! Please email me darkflame@live.ca and check out my posts @Darkflame I would love to talk about my experience with Steemit over the last year, and what I am doing with it. I am very interested in being part of the discussion! I can connect over Skype if thats the best way to plug in, or let me know how to. Thanks @steemittalk !!


I am now on the Discord SteemitTalk app so just let me know when you want me to jump on! I will keep it bookmarked when I launch Chrome until I hear back from you @steemittalk .

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