Introducing @steemit-legacies: Store Your Legacies On The Un-Eraseable Steem Blockchain As A Gift To Humanity Now And As A Timeless Gift To Generations Yet Unborn!

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Steemit-legacies came to life to gift something to the world. Steem should be remembered by generation after generation as something beyond a piece of technology created to disrupt technology

@ned sees steemit as a vision within a dream and @dantheman sees it as a means to infuse more freedom into a world of humans and that is exactly what steem is; a gift to the world!

Steem was created to give, give, give. It is the result of human heads of all types, coming together as one to "mine with minds" while keep peace and harmony in check and the result of this endeavor is indeed a beautiful gift. 

We want this gift to mean something now! We want this gift to remain timeless and be of essence to generations yet unborn and that is going to be our goal henceforth, by means of @steemit-legacies.

The steem blockchain was created to be permanent and we intend to explore this beautiful facet of steem to a maximum, by denting into this un-erasable blockchain, the beauty of humanity, in the form of legacies.

Yes, we may want to blog to get rewards but on steemit, there is also a culture of giving. "It has never been about us!" 

Even if we get rewarded, let's give in return. Let's build legacies over time and leave it on the steem blockchain for generations yet unborn. 

Let's create a timeless museum of human legacies and leave it here for our kids, loved ones and humans in general. 

Let's leave excerpts of our legacies to be dug upon, by generations of scientists, innovators, archaeologists yet to come. Let's tell the world;

I was HERE!

Let's let the world that has yet to exist know, that we were here to witness the phenomenon called steem and let's be kind enough to teach them kindness and self-sacrifice, by not leaving them empty-handed, for we left them our beautiful legacies on a platter for them to sail upon.

Let's pave the way for a beautiful future; one with way less cruelty. Let's use steem to the full!

Simply put, "words" still rule the world. From the very onset, words rule!

"Let the be light" and there was light!

Words still rule the world. The entire steem and steemit is founded on words! We will leave words on the steem blockchain daily!

We will not let a day slip emptily by, without denting our words/legacies on the blockchain. We will learn the culture of doing this.

One day in the future, one unborn person, may find these words of ours and find a fixing! Our great-grand kids will look for the beings that constituted their great-grand parents and they won't have to dig too far, for steemit has their great-grand parents legacies dented into it. 

Mums will come on to steemit, to see the loving words left them, by their children. 

Upcoming youths will come onto steemit to source words of inspiration from unknown mentors. 

Fathers will come here to hear the words of their loving children and wives and draw the inspiration needed, to carry on. Fathers will come here to leave words of advice for their children and children in a general. 

Let's leave upon steemit, the most amazing and powerful words, that the world as ever ever seen. Let's teach the world love and harmony. 

Let's leave the world with the gift of our awesome legacies because now more than ever, we have the powerful permanent blockchain called steem; "steemit-legacies"

We will teach the art of giving and receiving!

Each day, we will do a series of posts encouraging steemians to gradually, even obliviously, build a resume of legacies. 

We will keep it fun and even without your conscious knowledge, you will be denting the blockchain with words of wisdom for kids, wives, mothers, fathers, husbands, grandparents, youths, innovators, steemians etc

Not a day will any longer slip emptily by, without the presence of your beautiful words of wisdom!

Basically, we will be doing series of posts daily, that will share liquid rewards with all participants. To get a share of whatever liquid rewards each post makes, you simply have to leave a comment as required, according to the theme of the post. Liquid rewards from the post, will be distributed equally among commenters.

We will have different categories:

  • I love you Mama
  • I love you Papa
  • Legacies from parents to their kids
  • Inspirational words for steemians on the verge of breakdown
  • Advice from mentors to upcoming youths
  • Confessions
  • etc.....

If we put in effort to participate each day, even in one conscious line of comment; in the coming years we would have built legacies on steemit, that are rock-solid and indestructible. By this means, we would have explored one of steem's beauty to the fullest and we would have gifted humanity. 

We will also have said "i was here" and we would have been rewarded for reshaping the internet!

The internet is boring but steem is here; "We reshape the internet with a piece of our beauty"

The sweet journey begins!

If you consider this post a beauty, kindly resteem it!
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Hello @steemit-legacies. Welcome to Steemit. I am David. I wish you have a happy journey here.


Most definitely, you will enjoy our endeavors. Be on the watch out. Thank you David!

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Welcome @steemit-legacies,
More enjoyable journey everyday


Thank you!

Good luck! I hope your blog is successful. Please consider checking out and @minnowsupport. It is a great community of individuals that will help you get started and can answer all of your questions.