Steem is launched

Steem Files is Launched

What is Steem Files?

Steem Files is a website on the Internet. You just need a browser. It is tested for Chromium and should work on other modern browsers. Buy permium photos, or a valueable e-book, or an indy movie with Steem Backed Dollars. Sell things for Steem Backed Dollars.

Who should want to use Steem Files and Why?

Steem Files is now launched. It allows users to buy and sell downloads of files they have. You can publish your e-book, audiobook, exclusive premium podcast content, high resolution photos from your male make-up video, and accept Steem backed dollars. You don't need to go through PayPal, a bank, a credit card, or through congested bitcoin.

For Users of Premium Content

For those who want to buy books, audio books, high resolution photos, or premium podcasts with Steem Dollars rather than Bitcoin.

For Photographers

Publish resized for web versions of your professional photos here on steemit. Then upload your 24Mpx photos to

For Book Publishers

Publish the first chapter of your first book, on and put the full version on

For Film Makers

Put your trailer for your short on,, etc.. Put your full verison on and Earn SBD on one and bitcoin on the other.

For Podcasters

Use your Rss feed and upload a high-def, or extra content version with the link pointing to steemit where your file is.

For Steem Backed Dollars

Currency is only valueable as a currency if it is used as such. More use of Steem Backed Dollars means less sell pressure on said dollars . Less Sell Pressure on dollars also means less Steem can be used to back a dollar. Of course we all want Steem Power to be worth more.

For Steemit Heads and Steem Whales

Whales have the most invested in the steem blockchain. Sites like mine need your support. Just re-steem and vote up.

For Users with Many Followers

There are some users that have an enormous following. Please re-steem this post.


Special thanks goes to @profitgenerator for the idea and the logo and to @leprechaun for making me happen!

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Happy TRAIL!

Does it work like Satoshi Box? Are the files made available to the buyer immediately after payment or when exactly? If it is like Satoshi Box, maybe you could include the ability to have a payment button for websites also like they have it. Good project!

The intention is to be like Satoshibox.

I like the idea. I would suggest a different look, though. The colors and layout just feel dated. It doesn't fit the aesthetic I would expect from something that belongs to the future of the internet. It doesn't need to be fancy, and minimalism is probably the way to go.

I was working on this last night and some of this morning. What do you think of this proposed look?

It's a step in the right direction for sure.

I am interested as I currently have over 80 titles.... but the page has no explanations or parameters,just the upload page. Where can I research this before uploading?

So, I'll need to add an explanation of how it works. What are some parameters I should remember to include?

Thanks for that... a short intro on how it works, like used to before it's current hibernation.

Just so we know what we need, what is expected and how it connects with uploads, payments, customization,etc.

In light of what happened to WMB. Once there are some users of this site, we can put a side scrolling section highlighting newly uploaded files, which may be movies.

Sounds good to me! If you need help marketing it let me know :)

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Sounds like a good project, I wish you success!

Looks interesting, I'll take a look and try this, I'll be sure to follow you as I'm curious how this continues.

I too will be following as I am in. :)

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