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Hi, I'm Artur (@artur9010) and few days ago I started work at SteemCraft project, public Minecraft server with economy based on Steem Dollars (or mili Steem Dollars/mSBD).

The main assumption of the project was to enable the use of Steem Dollars in video games. I found that Minecraft is ideal for this.

Players will be able to deposit SBD into the server account ( and pay it out. Of course, you do not have to pay a single SBD to earn. Each player will be able to increase their account balance simply by playing. From time to time, another SBD pool will be added to the "loot wallet". With "loot wallet" the money will be given out to random players while killing monsters.

I also introduced some elements of MMORPGs to the server, such as experience system, monster levels or local chat.

Each monster has its own level, depending on the amount of money we can get after killing, what kind of monster equipment can wield, its health and additional effects.


Each player starts the game with four hearts (8HP), the number of hearts is increased by half every two levels of experience.

In addition, there are plans for a convenient trade between players, the option of buying a piece of land for ownership or setting up a guild to play with your buddies.

Of course, the entire source code of the plugins will be made available so that any programmer could add his brick to the project :)


And at the end I would like to apologize for any grammatical mistakes or strangely translated phrases from Polish, I used Google translator.
The entire SBD collected from this post will go to "loot wallet".

If there is a need (mention in the comments) then I will describe the project from the technical side.

Follow if you want to learn more about the project.


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Hello and welcome! Happy steeming!

so how do you connect to this game.

or is this just a concept you are advertising

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