Introducing myself, I'm very happy to join you!

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Hello Steemians, nice to meet you! I'm Alexander, an ex-Googler CTO/full stack engineer turned co-founder and lately, a startup mentor. Besides being an IT guy, I'm a musician, a designer/maker, I love cooking and I try to be on a plane as much as I can. ;)

I'm now based in southern Switzerland where I live with my girlfriend, Valentina. 

Right now I'm busy launching my own product (in the Blockchain space) that it's going to enable the physical product transition into the digital world. It's in stealth mode but I'm almost done with the beta, so be prepared to be introduced to it very soon here.

In the spare time, I really like to play my guitar and write new songs (I'll post some of them in the near future to have feedback for sure) and make things. I have a 3D printer and I'm good at modeling with Blender, so I would show you a couple of things I've lately designed.

Fresh out of the printer (and still not clean in this pic), this is a Jeeg(robot) inspired model I've designed to fit perfectly our espresso machine handle and press down the coffee. I've broken the original one so I've decided to go creative and do something new. Family and friends love it, I hope you like it too. 

In this one, it was still digital ;)

This one instead is a very curated fidget spinner I've built imagining it as an important gift for a lovely friend's kid. Then looked so cool I've reprinted one for myself too, lol. It's made with a special filament that mixes PLA (a specific eco-friendly plastic, corn-based) and wood, in this specific case, Canadian Fir. Ball-bearings are hi quality aluminum/ceramic as they spin lovely and silently and look very cool.

I would love to hear some feedback, so feel free to comment and let me know if some of you are interested in a sort of bootstrap tutorial on how to buy/handle a 3D printer and start modeling with Blender. I will post other stuff and more design if you like it, so please don't forget to follow me, thanks!

Last but not least, I'm also in love with sailing, and anytime there's a weather conditions chance I try to go. In this pic, we were with my dear friend Paolo offshore from Croatia coast with a beautiful wind pushing us to the landing target. 

What a great day, I'm gonna use this as my page cover photo by now, I think it's fitting.

Again, let's keep in touch and if you have any project to bootstrap that needs help, be sure I'm happy to review pitches anytime. ;)

Thank you.

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Hi Aleksander. Welcome. I am also new here, just started last night.
You seem like an interesting guy :) ... and I think I want a 3d printer now!

Thanks Ella, never been in Spokane but I've had a blast in Riga during my 2006 northern trip, great city. Would love to built up a team of experienced thinkers and makers in the future, so let's keep in touch. ;)

3d printer strongly suggested here at Anycubic official store - Good price/quality, and I'm gonna post about it pretty soon:


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Welcome to Steemit they love new blockchain projects here

Thanks, sorry just got some problems with double posts I was checking out in chat. Seems cool, blockchain in this good way is extremely powerful and has tons of applications. Stay tuned. ;)

Welcome to Steemit brother. A man of many talents! I've always been interested in 3D printers and the main applications possibilities too. Perhaps one of your post in the future can shed some insight about it.

There are Open Mic competitions on Steemit. I'm sure the community would be enthused to hear another musician!

Thanks mate, nice to meet you. Sounds pretty good, for sure I'm going to share some knowledge about it, 'cause it's affordable now, cool, and extremely relaxing while one's creative mind can be exploited. And on top of this, with new materials, it's green and safe for your health. Stay in touch! :)

Enjoy your Steemit journey!


Excellent intro @startupmentor! I love DIY type stuff. Looking forward to seeing some more of your projects.
I'm @gogogadgetupvote and I Upvote and Resteem intro posts like this one. I just posted my first contest yesterday. It would be a good way to get your name out there if you were to go and participate. You may win some SBD, too. Multiple prizes in multiple categories. Check out my blog for the contest post, or I can link you to it here if you don't mind the link in your comments.

Thanks! Keep up the awesome work - it's cool, you're doing the right thing, just keep pushing. ;) I'm brand new and I'll try to be present as much as I can, this (content-grading) is an incredible growing community. Keep in touch. ;)

Awesome man! You can find my contest posted by Clicking Here

Welcome to Steemit! :)

Hope u'll have a great time over these boards!
U'll find so many great artists, musicians and other people around this place!

Welcome to the club!

Thank you!

I believe you. Got some experiences around and feels like a great nav experience. Lots of talented people here. Sure to help ;)

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