Who I am?

Who I am? I do not know, is the question that wanders in my head does not always appear but I know it makes noise. But ... Who am I? Am I someone who deals with their alter egos? I do not know. I only know that every day I am building my own story, making a name for myself or simply living my life because if something came to this world it was to live.

My worst enemy is that person that I see every morning in the mirror when I go to brush or comb my hair, I try to overcome it, overcome it and even make myself its best friend. Create a security, that everything that takes away my inner peace discard it because there is nothing more pleasant than sleeping without burdens or guilt ...

How do I do it? I do not know myself, it must be the time that has matured me to know how to take it or even deal with my alter-egos, I have always known how to separate each part of my life from not involving the academic with the sentimental or the work and I can not complaining about the results are more positive than negative.

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I totally agree that we look in the mirror and we decide what kind of Original Oatmeal we wanna be like the Spice Girls to tell ourselves what we wannabe, to tell ourselves what we want, what we seek after. Here is an upvote.

Ok explain Why you used the introduceyourself tag 6 times already ?