My self intruduction/ Hallo, salam kenal dari lala blora


Hallo dear Steemians, my name is Devi. I am an Indonesian living in Central Java. This year I am 15 years old and on the 1st year of high school. I join Steemit because I want to learn making money and writing. It will help me being independent girl and ease the financial burden of my parent. Making money in indonesia not easy, especially at a young age like me, without University degree nor useful connection. So, i will use this opportunity offered by this platform well.


Hallo sayang Steemians, namaku Devi. Saya orang Indonesia yang tinggal di Jawa Tengah. Tahun ini saya berumur 15 tahun dan pada tahun pertama SMA. Saya bergabung dengan Steemit karena saya ingin belajar menghasilkan uang dan menulis. Ini akan membantu saya menjadi gadis mandiri dan meringankan beban keuangan orang tua saya. Menghasilkan uang di indonesia tidak mudah, terutama di usia muda seperti saya, tanpa gelar Universitas atau koneksi yang bermanfaat. Jadi, saya akan menggunakan kesempatan ini yang ditawarkan oleh platform ini dengan baik.
Terima kasih sebelumnya atas dukungannya dan ketemu lagi segera di artikel berikutnya.

Thanks in advance for your support and see you again soon in my next article.


Selamat bergabung di Steemit, rajin nulis, komen dan upvote, ngumpulin duit yang banyak dan sekaligus menjadi ajang latihan menulis yang bagus LOL.

Kayaknya, ini dia Steemian perempuan Indonesia termuda yang saya tau.

Semoga Steemit jadi investasi masa depan buat @srikandi

Welcome to Steemit srikandi. Let me know if you got any questions about Steem/Steemit. The official FAQ can be found here and is quite extensive - Also, Steemit is just one of the sites using Steem the blockchain. We also have Dtube, Dsound and Steepshot if you prefer videos,music or pictures instead of blogging content. And many more of course!

Thank you, nice to meet you

Welcome to steemit :D
I wish I would have been this intellegent back then when I was 15 years old!
Wish you all the best and hopefully you can make enough on steemit to lighten your financial burdens!

Hi Devi!

Welcome and lots of fun here on Steemit! :)

Hi @srikandi

I really love your well informed introduction.

Thanks for telling us about yourself.
Steemit is a wonderful social media community, at first, growing up your steemit account may be difficult but don't give up
I’m Kingsley, I’m a graphic designer and a writer.
You're very welcome to steemit. I wish you success. I hope you'll enjoy steemit as time goes on. I'll like to follow you so I can share ideas with you here on steemit. I'm now following you. Feel free to follow me back if you want.

thank you, best regards from me. Here I just learned and joined in steemit, for that maybe I can learn from you too. Thanks again and thank you for your upvote

Hai, helo @srikandi.. Selamat bertemu di Steemit! Suka anda join di sini.. diupvote yah.. :-3

Iya terimakasih mas, sama sama salam kenal dan pasti saya akan mengikuti anda, terima kasih untuk upvotenya ya

Welcome to this steemit family ! i hope you enjoy here and You will love it. @arvindkumar Follow Upvote Resteem

Selamat bergabung
Selamat berkarya

Selamat datang di platform ini. Semoga tercapai cita-citanya.

Congratulations @srikandi, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

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