Srecipes - New Decentralized platform for Steemit chefs

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Why Srecipes?

We decided to create a platform dedicated to people that like to cook. We think people who have great creativity in kitchen should be rewarded by posting their recipes. By being paid for making recipes many people will be motivated to create their own and try their own skills in kitchen. If you decide to go out to eat on average you spend 10$ daily and in a year around 2500$. S-Recipes can change that, there will be many skilled chefs on SRecipes posting their own recipes which you can try and after all create your own and make crypto with it !


Why Steemit?

Steemit is growing on daily basis, it has great community so it will be definitely easier for us to adapt more people to the platform. And as mentioned before it will motivate many people to start cooking by making extra Steem.

What can we expect on the platform?

Our plan is to make a fully decenetralized platform for anyone with Steemit acount to post their own recipes. You will be able to see the newest and most popular recipes on the first page. There will be many different categories for different types of cooking. We are also planing to adapt ranking system for users with best recipes by rewarding them with our token that is curently trading on Bitshares exchange.

Why Bitshares token?

The whole team is pretty much spending all of their time on this platform, and to make quality project we will need some funding. We decided to make a SRECIPES token to fund our project easier and to make it better user experience. At first we will sell 50k tokens at price 0.1 bts per token and will raise it 25% until we finish the project. But that is not it. We want to give our early supporters back so we decided to start paying our token holders 20% of the profit that website creates.

Where will the money go from tokens?

30% to web development team
20% to graphic design
20% to marketing
30% operational needs (Steem power, server fees...)


The team:

Right now team contains web developers, graphic designer and marketing team.

Where can we get more info?

Discord Logo SMALL.png


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Steemit is growing on daily basis, it has great community so it will be definately easier for us to adapt more people to the platform.
It should be definitely instead of definately.

Keep it up guys ! We love seeing new projects like this.

Greetings new members
Happy to see you join Steemit, hopefully, you will give the best talent for the platform, if any questions about this platform, please click
Kind regards

Awesome initiative, bravo!

Amazing,wonderful and creative
Thanks @srecipes......i love this

This is a beautiful initiative.
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Good work my friends! one more platform that adds @steemit sky color in Blokchain, innovative and again something that adds more steem.blokchain point with token! I'm ready to joined and to be the chef!..LOL

This is very awesome...... I cant wait to pull out my new set of I enhance my cooking skills

Thank you !! We really appreciate this.

Welcome to Steemit, srecipes! Wish you a very prosper journey here on this platform :) Cheers

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Looking good @srecipes I like this direction a lot. Good idea!

This is really good for me.

This is it, great initiative, already at discord... I loved cooking😊

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👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 a very good project - so. innovative. love this idea

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well now ... going over my feed after payment (which i will try to after each post that paid enough to spend a little fee on thirdparty vote your post stood out , sounds like a plan btw

i will definitely keep an eye on this, hoping you will have a budget section for us steemit bums who prefer homecooked but are on very low budget

the vote should come in within the hour, if it doesnt im sorry those bots dont always follow up for some reason, good luck ! ! ! keep us informed, i'll put you in my special bookmarks folder here

me :

i'll re-steem it later between posts too, but that might take a few hours, ganbarrimassss :p (u)

Another great one. Congratulations on this brilliant idea. I wish you all the best

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I love to see community-minded people. This is going to be huge. Cooks, get your knifes ready.
All the best.

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Yay! Steemit kitchen.
Well done

Welcome to Steem, @srecipes!

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I think a waterburner like myself just found me a home. I would love to render assistance in getting more people into the discord channel and raising awareness. I have a team where we handle twitter campaigns. Hope it's fine if I chat you up on discord to talk about this?

Would srecipe have a mobile app too?

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