Giving this thing a whirl!

in introduceyourself •  9 months ago

Hi Steemit, my name is Reza! you can call me Rez as some people do. I'm an old ass millennial! I'm also an Electronic music producer. I've been in the studios and around musicians since I was 15 and my entire life revolves around music. I also enjoy taking photos occasionally. So expect to see posts about music, gear, photos, and whatnot.

I'm bad at self promotion and not popular on social media, plus, English is my second language so I don't know if blogging is gonna be my thing but I figured I'd give this thing a shot since it's what the cool kids are doing these days.

That was it, right? Did I do okay?

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Greeting @solarmuzik. Welcome to the community!!


Thank you! Although your username has bot in it!

Welcome follow @rufruf


So I can Upvote your posts. In the future when I have enough followers I will be able to Resteem your posts therefore giving your a bigger audience which should give you more upvotes